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Christmas is finally here, and with it, Christmas windows!

Christmas is finally here, and with it, Christmas windows! 

A couple of weeks away from the 25th, cities around the world are already decorated with ornate trees and cheerful lights! Once again this year, the PeclersParis team has taken the opportunity to look at window displays around the world, and bring a little taste of what has caught its eyes! It is always a joy to discover what some of the world’s most prestigious and creative brands have come up with to decorate their windows during the holiday season.
This year we have been especially interested in and focused on the various ways brands have displayed their accessories. It is never easy to make such small objects the centre of an elaborate window, but the examples are here to prove that nothing is impossible! Regardless of how different the brands and windows selected may seem, we are predominantly captivated by their originality and creativity, these are truly inspiring examples of visual merchandizing!


The 2012 holiday windows designed by Monsieur Louboutin combines his emblematic red soles to traditional festive motifs. The bespoke Christmas trees consist of specially cast lasts of the iconic Pigalle stiletto. The metalwork structure that supports the numerous lasts are inspired by the shoe racks found in the designers Atelier in Paris. In addition, these original trees rotate and due to the mirrors that surround them, the effect is grand despite the simplicity of the installation itself. To finish off, the “star” product is found sitting atop the tree.


The extravagant Italian duo has remained faithful to their traditional gold themed vertine di natale. The ornate display features a multitude of hanging, golden birdcages decorated with small, pastel flowers. These lovely florets are complementary (in colour, form or both) to the details decorating the contents of the birdcages themselves. Every birdcage is inhabited by precious evening bags or elaborate shoes, which seem to be escaping their confine in order to get closer to you…


Louis Vuitton and the Galleries Lafayette department stores have joined forces to create the “Dance of the century” (« Bal du siècle ») Christmas windows, a celebration the store’s dome centenary. The exuberant dome served as inspiration for the spectacular and exclusive windows decorated by the malletier. A menagerie of animated exotic animals including bears, ostriches and penguins, amongst others, are surrounded by vintage monogrammed luggage and accessories of the current collection. The mirrored backdrops pay tribute to the dome's Art Nouveau stained glass and Byzantine-inspired designs.