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From Rio with love

While preparing for the upcoming textile fair Première Brasil, taking place in São Paulo on the 22nd and 23rd of January, PeclersParis visited Rio de Janeiro to check out the hot trends of this burning hot city! Recently, Brazil began to flourish economically, entrepreneurially and artistically; it has outgrown its soccer & carnival fame and become a truly promising country in more ways than one.

Brazil’s history led the country to become a massive cultural melting pot, resulting in rich aesthetics and intriguing mixes. PeclersParis picked up on a recent fusion of territories that has been influencing Rio de Janeiro’s musical and artistic scene and that is bound to spread throughout its territory and beyond. Artists and musicians such as Gais Ama and Wladimir Gasper, respectively, are two examples of local cultural icons that have been merging the streets and the gallery/stage in a fresh, inspiring way.

These two talents will skip from the streets to places designated to their arts and back with great flair and ease, demonstrating how today openmindness and flexibility are key, and that uniting and sharing play an important part in their work.

Gais Ama

Self-taught, Gais (Douglas Santos Tavares) began doing graffiti in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, where he was born and raised, in 1997. Since then he became a central figure and active member of Rio’s urban art community with endless works throughout the city. Since 2008, Gais began to exhibit his work around the world in events such as R.U.A (Reflex on Urban Art, Amsterdam), Storke (urban art fair, Berlin), Phillips de Pury (auction house, London) and more recently at Scope Miami 2012, where he also left some of his art on the walls of the city.

The energetic work of this young artist, his shapes and planes of lines are deeply rooted in the city of Rio de Janeiro itself and translate his vision of the city’s settings. His influences are inspired by his rich knowledge of the Brazilian culture and art, as well as from living and breathing everything his hometown has to offer, from the slums where he was raised to the modern roofs of Ipanema.

A libertarian by nature, Gais is spontaneous and transits with great ease from the streets to the fresh and experimental art gallery that has embraced his work, Huma Art Project. It seems that the fusion between the reality of the streets and art, in its more formal sense, are the elements that feed his colourful, emotional and instinctive canvases. Gais finds his rhythm somewhere between modernist art and urban art, creating a truly promising mixture.

For more information on Gais Ama and his upcoming exhibitions:  http://www.huma.art.br/

Wladimir Gasper

Also known by his real name, Pedro Bernardes, is a musician that composes a truly multi-instrumental collage art work. The self-taught classical pianist and blues guitarist mixes traditional instruments with the silver and gold of an electronic switchboard and a hint Brazilian electro-funk. He transforms this unlikely mix into a musical sonic boom, taking DIY to another level.

For his debut, Gasper played on the streets of Los Angeles, the high desert of Salt Lake, the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, amongst other locations, in a one-man journey through audio adventure and released it as compilation of audio-visual art narrating his style (filmed by Barry G. Walker). Through this video, http://vimeo.com/40150605, you can get a feel and see a sample of how this talented artist pulls instantaneous inspiration from the audience and transforms their emotions into exhilarating sounds.

With rising notoriety in the tropics, Gasper has taken his sounds from the streets to fashion shows (he played live during the Auslander show, a renowned Brazilian brand), TV (he plays and appears in the new Basketball commercial for Brazilian SporTv) as well as numerous music events and festivals. Regardless of his growing success you can still run into him around Rio’s charming historical neighbourhood Lapa, where he lives and works, playing on the streets to whomever will listen, so keep an eye open!

“The thing about playing in the streets is that I like to go out of my comfort zone and play for people who are not expecting, who still don’t understand my music. It is a different view.”

For more information on Wladimir Gasper and his upcoming events: 

If in São Paulo next week, don’t miss PeclersParis’s exclusive Spring/Summer 2014 trend presentation at Première Brasil!!