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Burton, Witkin - Strange esthetes

Paris honors two craftsmen who both have a dark air of melancholy : childish and naive from Tim Burton at the Cinémathèque Française and saturnine from Joel-Peter Witkin at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF).

These two experiments with a sublime, romantic strangeness seem to be different ways to exorcise the reigning chaos of our era.
« Tim Burton, the exhibition»
The homage to Tim Burton’s career, originally created for MOMA in New York, comes to the Cinèmathque Française for a few months. Sketches and drawings reveal a menagerie of fantastic, Gothic creatures that began with his group of monstrous children (Stain Boy, Robot Boy and Oyster Boy) featured in short cartoons all the way to the crazy, gory couples he imagined as a jubilant release during his Disney period. This sweetly morbid universe, clearly inspired by “B” movies and tinged with humor can sometimes be surprisingly romantic. 
1. Cupid as seen by Tim Burton, Tim Burton 2. A Burton-style Romeo & Juliette, Tim Burton 3. Stain Boy, Tim Burton
« Joel-Peter Witkin, Hell or Heaven»
Until July 1, the BNF Richelieu site opens a dialogue between Joel-Peter Witkin’s photographs and engravings he has selected in the BNF collection ranging from Durer to Picasso. 
Witkin is an heir to dark romanticism. His seminal themes are Eros, Thanatos and the sacred as he transforms his models into an ode to a strange beauty. With his preference for visual humor – religious icons, mythology, 20th century painting – the photographer leaves no room for improvisation : each photo is prepared first by a sketch. He splatters or rips his work and even scrapes the negatives with a razor blade … all techniques which push affliction to its climax.
1. Prudence, Paris, 1996, Joel-Peter Witkin 2. Les Ménines, New Mexico, 1987, Joel-Peter Witkin 3. Fétichiste de Nègre, Paris, 1991, Joel-Peter Witkin
Tim Burton, the exhibition
Until August 5, 2012
La Cinémathèque française
(French Cinema Museum)
51 rue de Bercy, Paris 12th 
From June 1 to July 2 : 
Monday, Wednesday 12 :00 noon-7 :00 PM ;
 Thursday, Friday from 12 :00 noon to 10 :00 PM (evenings)
Saturday, Sunday 10 :00 AM- 8 :00 PM/
From July 4 to August 5: 
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 10 :00 AM- 8 :00 PM, Thursday, Friday 10 :00 AM-10 :00 PM (evenings)
Closed Tuesday
Admission  : 11 euros, Reduced rate : 8,50 euros
Joel-Peter Witkin, Hell or Heaven
Until July 1
BNF, Richelieu 
5 rue Vivienne - Paris 2nd 
From Tuesday to Saturday 10 :00 AM-7 :00 PM, Sunday 12 :00 noon-7 :00 PM, closed Mondays and holidays
Admission : 7 euros, Reduced rate : 5 euros