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In the process of a modern, urban alternative search that would allow moving around the city while at the same time, respecting our roots, let's filter Nature through a sleek style that combines radical lines and rich materials. Consistent, warm textures and decoration get harnessed. Beneficial properties from rich, natural elements get tamed. They recompose the dressing-room’s authentic pieces, with additional work and design : clearer, sleeker, more graphical, and more generous.


Whether seen from the sky or re-assembled, landscapes and natural elements are sketched down to abstract paintings. They can inspire new graphical combinations, to rework outdoor accessories.

1. Aerial view of a garden, by Brazilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx 2. Three-colour design, Our Legacy sneakers 3. Graphical, profiled, genuine axes, by Best Made Company 4. Bi-material composite of natural leather and isothermal plastic 5. Recycled, technical clothing, graphical patch, by Pointer 6. Genuine update: shortened constructivist parka and notched wallabes, to boost a not-so-sweet look


Draw an infinity of material, pigments and elements on the soil fertility supply. Twisted furrows, coarse-grain or sediment effects, reddish brown and earthy ochres, are filtered through the style screen. They inspire generous volumes, consistent effects for a natural, sleek look, with a twist of loose slack.

1. Landscape legacy, drawing inspiration from the cultivated lands cycles. 2. Urban chic look: protective turtle-neck, with a loose, generous, enriched, streamlined coat,  Dries Van Noten. 3. Flannel sneakers, Our legacy 4. Tortoise shell ‘’agro’’ sunglasses, by fan optics 5. Rethink proportions: long twist, thick neck and small knitted sweater. To wear with loose pants, white soles, brogue shoes, for a sophisticated slack. 6. Rich materials and sleek curves 


A hybrid of navy feel and authentic outdoor rusticity. Where sea and land meet, modernity renews authentic sailor Peacoats and nautical mesh.

1. In between land and sea, a ‘supernatural’ vibrant nature, at Val André en Bretagne, France 2. The authentic richness and depth of colour, white mountaineering AW 11show. 3. Sleek trek, Aiguille Albam backpack  4. Outdoor Hybrid, Tretorn 5. Woollen overshirt, graphy-folk on colored-velvet slack, a proud ‘sea-worker’ look. Thick-ribbed cap and socks required.