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Exhibition “Play along”, homo ludens at the Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

From Thursday 21 June 2012 to Sunday 12 August 2012, the Gaîté Lyrique transforms itself into a big playground. Experiment a new way to interact with the building, with video games, arcades, giant games, and workshops.
In these dark times of crisis, of protectionist and communities fall-back, the “Play along” exhibition acts like a mischievous, playful parenthesis. As in a purpose to promote and rebuild social interaction, the installations use the game as a universal language.
Jérôme Delormas, director of the Gaîté Lyrique, and curators Heather Kelley, Cindy Poremba and Lynn Hughes, have deliberately chosen to use the game as one way of the living together, a living culture.

The Building extends throughout the building’s four stories. A series of embedded physical-action games enables the building to draw a profile of each user.

The Bulding Is, giant game by Hide&Seek, photo © PeclersParis
Interférence invites visitors to play together. Each couple of gamers must colonize the biggest territory possible, by placing their pieces on lace-like, delicately beautiful, cellular steel patterns, and most of all by taking pieces away from other groups of players. Interaction and jokes come quickly, in the context of this strategy game from another world.
Interférence, giant game by Eric Zimmerman and Nathalie Pozzi, photo © PeclersParis
Le Kit Opérette invites players to adopt a part in a surrealistic opera. An original, collective electronic symphony is composed, by pulling on cords and pompoms, turning umbrellas, while the game Electricity Comes From Other Planets activates on a projected wall psychedelic visual effects, tuned on each player’s moves.
Kit Opérette, by Daily Tous Les Jours & Krista Muir, photo © PeclersParis
Electricity Comes From Other Planets, by Fred & Company, photo © PeclersParis
Among the videogames, the autobiographical Papo Y Yo invites the user to embody Quico, a young boy living in the favelas, always followed by his dangerous best friend Monster, inspired by the author’s alcoholic father.
Papo Y Yo, by Vander Caballero, Minority Games, photo © PeclersParis
The building’s fourth floor features a totally offbeat, feline city, Meotown, composed of arcade games in a very DIY spirit.
Meowton by Baby Castles, result of a collaboration between sculptor Thu Tran and artist Neil Fridd, photo © PeclersParis
La Gaîté Lyrique
Thursday 21 June 2012 - Sunday 12 August 2012
3 Bis rue Papin 75003 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm 
Entrance fee : € 7