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Women's Fashion Special

Designed for looks as much as for well-being and usefulness, clothes are ergonomic, sexy and tight for more efficient ease, or neat-clean and massive in clever uniforms.
Climate-proof, resistant, sports-inherited tech materials get lighter, more flexible and more feminine. Functionality takes the modern, pragmatic, yet elegant dressing-room to the sublime, reconciling chic and usefulness.


Sports-inherited protection and technicality get elegant twists to fight the summer heat with chic. Ultra-light, wind-proof, complex clothing to be worn with fluid pieces.

1.  In celestial monochromes, massive, flowing volumes on tech drapes, Anne-Marie Beretta, also known as “the architect of fashion” (early 80s) 2. Dipped lambskin shopping bag, Baggu 3. Heavy sandals, Acne 4. Light parka, tech veils and ring snap-buttons, draped dress with asymmetrical sides on assorted shorts. PeclersParis


For more comfort, ease and efficiency, clothes are skin-cast, moulded in a curved, anatomic shell. The tailleur is definitely modern, with fairing volumes, fading details or slightly underlined by relief stitches.

1. The Dupli Casa's aerodynamics rounded shapes, by architect Jurgen Mayer H., flowing structure straightened by clinical white 2. Solar eyewear in mono-material plates, Damir Doma 3.TyveK® laser cut monoblock weekend bag, robust and ultra light, Saskia & Stephan Dietz 4. Sculpted coat-dress: comfy top and tapered bottom, both flexible and sheathing


A minimum, no-frills function. Clothes are designed for the urban heat waves: they’re sensuous, ingenious, with sophisticated textures and simple tube-shapes.

1. Seamless, closure-free, sophisticated sensual folding game out of a simple cotton cloth 2. Leather plate bracelet, Manoogian 3. Ties, Simona Vanth 4.  Strapless tube dress with coarse fold, Peclersparis