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As part of the quest for tranquility and voluptuousness, in an efficiency-driven world, take some time and escape to an undefined, languorous time-space continuum. There, the splendors of a universal cultural heritage meet selected samples of Asian luxurious, heavenly nature and untroubled composure... Sensual nonchalance and baroque exoticism softly sketch out a dreamy Eden, tinted with languorous eroticism.

Interlacing trees, curling shells and arabesque plants... The abundant, precious decor is inspired from baroque naturalism and softened by mild colors in a sweet, appetising formal style, a turmoil of rustle details.
1. A life’s work, the picassiette house in France, is a jewel of naive art, over-saturated with faience mosaics and concrete, cast glass. 2. Beach treasures earrings. 3. Rococo embroidery on a satin clutch, Yves Saint-Laurent. 4. Pleated coral fans and embroidered deco beads, Lanvin. 5. Asymmetrical top and engravings-printed petticoat, neckline and waist smocking details.
Shapes, all at once sober and enveloping, stand between the kimono and the sarong, inspired by Far Eastern dressing-rooms, diluted in vegetable-based tints and pinched by a sweet, wise and quiet exoticism.
1. Japanese concubine voluptuously balling up, Meiji era. A tenderly colored cliché, by a master of engravings. 2. Luxurious spa in Bali: heavenly relaxing, flower baths and rice masks, saffron, and jasmine. 3. Paper sculpture manchet. 4. Japanese clog-like sandals, Rochas. 5. Low-neckline pea jacket, narrow wrap-around sarong skirt.