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This new Summer 2014 Knit & T-shirt book lives up to its name as never before. It presents a well-balanced harmony between its two main subjects: knitwear and T-shirts.

More than ever, this season is all about making T-shirts and tops increasingly sophisticated, feminine and elaborate, through cutout, seaming and sheer treatments.

The minimal and understated trend continues with outerwear, jersey shirts and sweats; and products are enhanced by luxurious materials with refi ned hands, as well as by work on shape.

Flat knit is called for everywhere: on jackets, sweaters, dresses, skirts and tanks. Work is mainly focused on visual stitches and medium gauge knit, and is widely devoted to openwork.

Decorative prints, embellishment, cut and sew and fl at knit get more pages in the book and this season fantasy is their watchword. It is worked on simple yet essential shapes and volumes, and proves to be vital for infusing the collection with personality, femininity and originality.