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The mysterious powers of mysticism and irrationality seduce and transport, quite contrary to the quest for superfluous-free pragmatism. Exoticism gets strange, mysterious shades, halfway through flamboyant, captivating charms and intense minimalism.


Deep, dark shades take over gardens and terraces. They’re enlivened with glossy finishing touches, synthetic fibre braiding, lacquered furniture, wood, leather or dark, tinted glass. Outdoors regain a "deco" personality, while a nocturnal, quasi mystical ambience is unveiled.

1. Wood suspensions and metal, strap cut baskets  2. Horn and bright plastics contrast  3. Opaque printed glass crockery 4. Bi-textures: black and glossy Bordeaux plastic strand.


Décors flame with harmony, on the brink of extravaganza. Exotic fauna and flora mix together into opulent camouflages, giant ikats and glamorous skins. Marquetry and trimming loudly shout their decorum of new proportions and exotic tints.

1. Vegetation lush, flowers and fruits in strange bouquets 2. Maxi ikats, exotic stripes 3. Maori-inspired contrasting wood marquetry, Christian Lacroix for Mamotte  4. Leopard staining on melanin.


The ethnic spirit is renewed in a modern way, by the power of color, by the shock of geometrical XXL rhythms. From simple stripes to stylish totems, black acts as a frame and structure for bright, sophisticated hues. A primal energy to energize with matt/glossy contrasts.

1. Geometry under the tribal influence 2. Vibrating bi-color stripes 3. Sharp contrast: black+color placemat against china 4. Ornamental cut-out,  glass, melanin and ceramics dark crockery