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After many seasons focused on utilitarian objects, functional furniture in bold black/white/bright colors and stylized, energized “urban” patterns, there is a new need to envelope home essentials in a soothing veil of coziness, a welcome break from the hyperactivity and the tyranny of performance that reign today.

Colors are softer, materials are more velvety, with sparkling touches here and there. The home becomes a peaceful haven, a tenderly moving place touched by grace.


Padded or quilted, shock proof and chill-proof: a cozy, modern new style, 100% textile in mock solids and natural looks. Tweeded woolens, felted blends and blurred prints inspired by menswear, dense and mellow comforting textures.

1. Mugs, notebooks and diaries dressed in softened tweed 2. Heathered linen tablecloths 3. Suspension in recycled felt, “Under the Bell” by Iskos-Berlin for Muuto,4. Commode covered in heathered wool


From the kitchen to the office, a utilitarian neo-design in lacquered plate and soft touch silicone, an enveloping soft shell in matte melamine or neoprene. Furniture, kitchenware and small accessories in monochromes or soft two-toned color ranges.

1. Candy-colored toiletries kit in silicone and gummy composite 2. Mugs in porcelain and nonslip silicone 3. Pastel pouch in spacer fabric 4. Coat hanger chair and soft container storage cabinet


Folk or pop inspired, simplified, stylized geometrical motifs in stencils or cut-outs. An easy, naïve graphic style for all-over or patched wall decorations, home textiles and dishes.
1. Folk flower power wallpaper by Dedar 2. Quilted print on kitchen fabrics 3. Graded stripes and dots on porcelain suspension 4. Dishes and pillows with naïve rosettes in quilt print