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Game, set, match: The hottest high-fashion tennis looks in history
Monica Ainley

What do Anna Wintour, a jet-setting Slim Aarons subject and a quirky Wes Anderson character have in common? Really stylish tennis outfits of course. The tennis look, with its classic iconography and crisp miniskirts has long been a hit among the glamorous and eccentric.

With the international rise of the "athleisure" trend -- meaning luxury sportswear you want to wear all day— tennis has become a reoccurring reference of choice on the Paris catwalks of late.

"Wearing sportswear on the street hasn't always come as naturally to the French as it does to North and South Americans, so the trend is only really catching on now" says Iza Dezon, a trend forecaster at Peclers Paris.

"We're seeing a general progression towards healthy lifestyle in Europe. A new generation are catching up and embracing the idea that beauty is not just exterior.

The athleisure movement comes from a greater desire to show that you're taking care of yourself on the inside too, balancing your lifestyle, diet, and fitness options; embracing the idea that a woman is most beautiful when she is comfortable."


After pinching their guy's suits and shoes, fashionistas are reconnecting with their feminity. "Not all diva style as before but through a more natural, and therefore sensual silhouette. These days they slip their Air Max on with a little silk dress without a second thought or doubt warns" Alexandre Fléveau stylist at Peclers Paris


Créations & lingerie

Activewear, they believe in it, and they tell us why
Valérie Fonverne

Dominique mettraux, senior stylist at Peclers,


I find that sports articles offering for women are often too technically complicated. It's lacking in femininity and seductive appeal. I think that Stella MacCartney began a revolution with the running range she developed with Adidas 2002. The same goes for Sacai, with whom Nike successfully met the challenge of sportswear that was almost couture, clothing that people want to wear on a day-to-day basis. But aside from these counter -examples- as soon as sportswear tries to be feminine. It adopts the codes of youth as far as shape and color is concerned. So what about women? And yet I am convinced that there is a genuine position to be occupied by sportswear that is able to blend beauty with body care (I am thinking in particular of textiles with micro-encapsulation) as the two reasons  that push women to practice a sport are: to look after their beauty and to stay sprightly.


Meet our trend Expert - Sari Myohanen

EFSA partners with world renowned trend watchers to provide extensive trend presentations to her members, to inspire the development of their collections. For the Autumn / Winter 2016-17 season, EFSA collaborated with international trend agency PeclersParis and their senior Designer and stylist Sari Myohanen, whose vision about the near future is reflected in this magazine. 

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Les fabricants de jouets préparent déjà Noël... 2018
Gabriel Vedrene
Mais comment un bureau de tendances arrive-t-il à anticiper ces évolutions ?
"On capte les signaux émergents avec un travail de veille. Nous allons les chercher dans l'art contemporain, les médias, le cinéma, les salons professionnels, la sociologie", détaille Emma Fric. "On regarde ainsi la scénographie dans les musées, ou encore leurs initiatives : un musée de Melbourne a créé une salle dédiée aux enfants dans laquelle ils peuvent mettre des patins à roulettes équipés de crayons pour dessiner sur le sol. Le fruit de ces recherches se retrouve dans un cahier de tendances qu'on essaye d'appliquer à un client de façon plus personnalisée", ajoute-t-elle. C'est grâce à ce type de prospection que le salon de Nuremberg annonce ainsi que le Noël 2016 se fera sous trois influences : "Héros de tous les jours" (y compris au sens social et entrepreneurial), "Entraînes ton cerveau" et "Design to play, playing to design".