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From Futur(s), PeclersParis's most forward looking and unique macro trend research in the market, to Colors with its exclusive "home-made" colors, to Inspirations, a must-have book to start your creative process, down to a wide range of more product-focused publications for new product development, PeclersParis offers a comprehensive portfolio to inspire and guide your innovation and product design process.

Our trend books are the fruit of the collaboration between PeclersParis’ Research & stylists. PeclersParis merges sources of inspiration from the past, present and future, taking into account socio-cultural evolutions to forecast trends and predict innovative creative scenarios applicable to design, fashion, consumer goods, architecture, food, beauty, lifestyles etc.

Colors are also a fundamental expression of societal and lifestyle evolutions: color codes evolve according to market shifts, and tell sensorial, emotional or symbolic stories about consumption. PeclersParis is recognized as a color expert worldwide, as much for the capability of anticipating color trends, as for the creation of exclusive colors.