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NEW THIS SEASON! Our trend book is enriched with even more content, more influences and more materials!

The dawn of a new world!

The recent acceleration of world movements, coupled with the desire for renewal that characterizes today’s era, result in esthetic choices that reflect a commitment to live better, to find comforting and optimistic solutions.
This season the predominant idea is that of a world focused on human issues and reinvented thanks to the power of imagination. Counter mass standardization with an increase in sensitivity.
Invent dreamlike versions of our planet to ensure a brighter future.
Creatively explore the chaos caused by the over-abundance of signs of the present and traces of the past.
Rely on the collective to positively gather active forces, soften daily life and free ourselves from exclusion policies.

Today more than ever, spontaneous and unrestrained actions are the best way to bestow meaning and emotion upon our creative intentions.