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This season, a spirit of assertion and challenge infuses all the looks. The segments are blurred and become less hermetic. Make way for hybrid novelty and surprise!

Develop the classics: channeling the ‘80s, silhouettes make a statement with more attitude. Bolder, timeless styles are redesigned (PARANORMAL), playing on new sleeve shapes, graphic paneling, and recut color and cuff details.

In SPECIMEN, streetwear flips out and embraces visual exuberance: oversized, bulked materials and chunky DIY knits with stitchwork for new variegated finery.

Sleek folklore and wellness continue to inspire a new, more urban, tech nautical look and a poetic and cosy outdoor style in ENCAMPMENT (follow-up to PRIMITIVE FW 17-18 and VITAL SS 2018).

Cute and charming become more subversive and disturbing (TENDER RASCALS): new mix & match, layering and mixed prints give the rock-punk vibe a more feminine update