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Apr 02, 2021

Elisabeth Prat, Women’s Fashion Trends Director shares her vision on Fall Winter 21-22 runway shows.

An immersive analysis to help you decipher catwalks, major trends and emerging signs. A key moment for designers who unanimously express a deep desire for change in those very particular times.

Our lives at home and our personal desires have evolved, then breaking with the cold and apocalyptic robotic idea of previous seasons seemed to be an obvious opportunity for many designers. Among them, Marine Serre particularly caught us by featuring her friends and profiles of all generations.

This season, we’re also assisting to the development of a new silhouette characterized by the idea of transformation and animal mutation. An expended silhouette staged by clothes from recycling. A deep desire also underlined by Gabriela Hearst who reveals having a women’s collective who knit in Uruguay. More than ever, a new trend is emerging and it’s moving us forward. A strong and dynamic impetus that gets rid of the pessimism that can also be found in Courrèges’ work.

Last but not least, this winter is deeply embodied by the return of the sexiness. A trend that is particularly noticeable with the designer Coperni and his innovative show in a Parisian parking lot where guests are seated in electric cars. A breathtaking escape designed by a sporty attitude in a nighttime version and very energetic relevant shortened volumes.

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