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Fashion catharsis

Sublimating fears, beautifying madness... 
The 15-25 are at ease with themselves, refuse rationalism and make their drives clear!

An excerpt from the obsessions theme from the Generation Pulse FW15-16 trend book.


From Egon Schiele to Lucien Freud, the work of the great expressionist painters who sublimated anxiety and tormented bodies inspires a tortured, carnal, melancholic, new romanticism.

1. An homage to Egon Schiele: a fashion series inspired by the austrian painter and illustrator's work in the first issue of "centre commercial" magazine. 2. Loosely customized, Bare Feet Shoes, CommeDesGarçons. 3. Self-portrait on voile, Streetstyle London. 4. Figurative print on a basic denim outfit, Ravensbourne Ready to wear AW2013.


An aesthetic for craziness, controlled neuroses and impulses... Between attraction and repulsion, we daringly explore the « obscure side » to better live with our demons. Associated with compact satin and tied like a straightjacket, black leather takes a partially-strict, partially-sensual, casual direction.



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