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Sep 09, 2020

Peclers presents its Fashion Living Lab, a new and exclusive format for an inspiring and optimistic vision of the future.

Paired with our new paid format Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s), these webinars will allow you to decipher emerging signs, aesthetic territories and innovative opportunities for your brands. 16th & 22th of September.

→ Wednesday, September 15 – 6PM CET: Join our SS22 Inspirations, Envisioning Future(s) Conference presented by Aude Legre, Head of Global Brand Strategy & Future insights and Elisabeth Prat, Head of Women’s Fashion Trends (1 hour, in english)

We’ll decipher and uncover:

  • The key evolutions in individual and collective desires and aspirations so you can create an emotional connection with your consumer.
  • The major socio-cultural influences that are impacting product design for SS22.
  • A selection of strategic and creative concepts to inspire your product concepts, brand communication and experiences.

Admissions : 180€/person, to be deducted from the purchase of INSPIRATIONS, SS22 book.

→ Tuesday, September 22 – 6PM CET: Join our Fashion Living Lab, presented by Elisabeth Prat, Head of Women’s Fashion Trends and Dinah Sultan, Trendforecaster (1 hour, in english)

What are the guidelines for a better fashion world?

In reaction to the series of crises occurred in the last few months (COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, the ecological crisis…) ways of living have changed dramatically, leading to profound changes in consumers’ aspirations and confirming a need to rethink the system and the basis of fashion.

In this context, join our experts who will share their convictions and help you better understand:

  • How to achieve a balance between “doing better with less” and fashion continuous changes.
  • How to better address consumers’ diversity by creating a more inclusive offer.
  • How to show more appreciation to creative workers, which will add value to fashion.

Admissions : 180€/person.

PACKAGE: 1 session: 180€/person 2 sessions : 330€/person