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Easy Going: a theme declined in three fashion stories, for the kids market.

United by fun, aspiring surfers, globe-trotters and country kids want to look at the cool side of life.
Codes, references and influences spontaneously mix together in a happy chaos, revamped in a modern, arty way. Energy is drawn from humor, while new associations set creativity free... An easy, freestyle dressing all at once playful and functional, that displays its dynamics with stimulating, contrasting colors.

Malibu 1967, at the rise of the shortboard revolution…

Color is spontaneously brandished, creativity is set free through unexpected mixes of climbing gear materials: straps, zips, pockets, snap hooks all show off and rethink themselves in pop signage. All-terrain, fun outdoor for the small urban rock-climber.

1. Just like a movie set 2. City sport sandals 3. Functional backpack in wadded nylon 4. Superposition of tank top, slim polyamid string waist pants, cotton/nylon windproof jacket, irresistible poplin skirt with hollow metal grippers

Halfway through rural tradition and urban modern, genuine work spirits are reconsidered in graphical, flashy primary colors, with a tinge of re-creational recycling. Fun and awareness reconciled.

1. recycled storage drawers in playful plastic 2. bright fluo canvas hat 3. patch basket in black cotton canvas and smooth leather 4. graphical seam simplicity 5. Girl: twill colored pants with crease lines, squared thin gauge pullover on poplin tank top. boy : English rib pullover opening leg strap and grippers,  yarn-dyed checkered shirt, checkered butcher work pants, recolored.

The beachwear trend is coming to town to both stimulate and loosen up summer dressing rooms. All board sports influences, surf, skate or kite-surf, mix together and get to life in a fun, 'comics', color-awakened spirit.

1. Lycra cotton and clean cotton fleece with sports twister 2. Funny picto monster 3. Technicolor print sneakers. 4. Funky-graphic, broken stripes on longboard 5. Boy: lightweight T-shirt, nylon windproof jacket at waist, cotton/polyester Bermuda. Girl: Poplin-trimmed strap top,  cotton canvas skirt, polyamid/lycra swimsuit and leggings.