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Our first summer theme developed for the men's market

In a search for amusing alternatives and to get away from the restrictions of today’s serious, glum mood, the California spirit gives birth to a « rurban » coolness. It reconciles the city with Nature, lightness and sustainability, inspiring a « casualized » wardrobe that is both playful and functional.

Fun and relaxation for the everyday, a concentration of the cool California myth symbolized by Todd Selby’s photo of Eileen Peters and Mark Wiesmayr, a designer-photograher couple, near their home in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.


Urban chic codes are liberated by color and mock classic suitings. This playful, economical « custom-made » look signifies an ultra-personal style.

1. The origins of custom-made, with humor 2. Classics get a boost 3. Anti-gray details 4. We play at shifting codes : cotton neo-blazer, colorful slacks and polo shirt


Rustic workwear is re-designed optimistically and easily for citywear, moving towards a functional elegance that reconciles city-smart modernity and peasant practicality. 

1. Retro-formal and authentic workwear with preppy accessories 2. Neck scarf with a graphic bird 3. Authentic satchel with colored straps 4. A colorful novelty for the city … Informal jacket with pointed collar, giant, faded plaid shirt and high-top sneakers : a rural showiness for city streets


Comfortable and easy to live in, the sweater mood inspired by California easywear invades the urban wardrobe.

1. Easy, chic star system 2. North African scarf in fresh, faded madras 3. Desert boots with signal markings and covering crepe sole 4. Not so simple … Adopt a T-shirt for the city : shirt-jacket and pegged, 5-pocket pants, flashy accessories