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Half tender, half dissonant, a strange, dream-like neo-romanticism 

The classics are played up in a bizarre way, filtered through a squeaky modernity, soaked with acid softness and digital magic. Colors squeak, harmonies provoke, and familiar landmarks are diverted. The romance gets corrosive, marvellous and troubling, in a radical break with reality, as if trying to revive the imaginary forces...

1. Sad, acid glamour, seen in Vogue Japon 2. Dissonant classic, photo David Slijper for GQ style 3. "Warm Garden", oddly hallucinated nature, Martine Aballea 4. Fluorescent Persian cats, sweet and trippy, Tim Walker

Minimal squeak

1. Pureness of the lines and detonating color block, photo Jonathan Frantini, GQ Style Italia 2. Acid two-tones make up, Path McGrath for MiuMiu 3. Strange softness, “Tufty too “ sofa, Patricia Urquiola for B&B italia 4. Bleach blue and C Vitamin orange, photo © Susie Bubble

Ultraviolet, electric blue, marshmallow pink, green oxide... Associated in biting tones combinations, artificial colors creak and provoke. All neatly displayed on radically contemporary volumes.

Chemical fur

1. Synthetic angora sweater, Ostwald Helgason, seen in Vogue UK 2. Variations of chemical, syrupy shades on mellow knit, wool fur and silken hair, PeclersParis tissuthèque 3. "Femme fatale" in chick yellow fox, GQ style UK 4. Cotton candy knit, photo allprettybirds

The soft, tender,velvet-smooth touch is synthetically worked in bright acid or sweet pastels. A strange, kitsch contrast for squeaky neo-glamour. 

Digital  grace

1. Bed linen's abstract night lights in photoprint, PeclersParis creation. 2. Basics sublimated in biting poetry, Ninagawa Mika 3. Transparent vaporous, PeclersParis creationEntre aquarelles séquentielles et filtres chromatiques aux rémanences digitales, une poésie numérique qui chahute les sens et sublime la couleur par la lumière et les jeux de transparences. 

Digital poetry teases the senses and sublimates colors, between sequential watercolors and residually-digital, chromatic filters, in a game of transparency and light.