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Our “Super-Ordinary” life as basis for new design

Fascinated by the singularity and beauty that lie unnoticed in everyday objects that surround us, we try to view them from a different angle, seeking to transform, improve, enhance, dramatize or perfect our banal surroundings.

From left to right : 1. "Oh Yay ! Everyday" by graffiti artist Stephen Powers & 2. Photo by Raymond Depardon 

From "Discovering the Everyday" to "The Marvels of Roadsides", the philosopher Bruce Bégout has staunchly defended the notion of "a utopia based on closeness and familiarity, simplicity and commonness." Echoing the works of artists and photographers of all eras who were fascinated by the singularity and beauty that lie unnoticed in everyday objects, simply waiting to be revealed and discovered, he urges us to take a new and creative look at our close environment.

Happy pictos

From left to right : 1. Graphic look, Jaime mon carré! ; 2. Inpirational graphics street shot & 3. As seen in Tush, April 2010, photo by Armin Morbach, styling by Katrin Gerhardy

Between old-fashioned advertisements and retro banners, a whimsical graphic, pop culture mood that plays with lettering, pictos and numbers. to be applied in giant placed motifs, surprising allover patterns or stylized outlined color blocks.


Graphic City

From left to right : 1. PeclersParis creation ; 2. Fishs Eddy printed mug & 3. Graphic print t-shirt from Urban Outfitters

Illustrations, narrative pictograms and everyday playlets dress up homeware ; everything from bed linens to kitchenware. A preference for irresistible retro-inspired graphics to delight grownups and children alike. Quaint retro tech, basic modern utensils and trivial scenes, in allover or spectacular placed motifs: the ordinary, magnified in a part-gag part-poetic vein, dresses up everyday products in ultra realistic or hand-drawn effect photoprints.

Super realism


From left to right : 1. Photorealistic prints on cusions & 2. Graphic photorealistic printed dress by Mary Katrantzou, S/S 2011

Take a new look at all the objects around us through our special lens. From staircases and interiors, to  flowerpots, bicycles and trucks, in playful placed trompe l’œil or allover prints... everything and anything can become a pattern!