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As technology revives fantastic and magic, it takes part in the necessary re-enchantment of the world, as Michel Maffesoli advocates: ‘’It really is about re-enchanting the world, where reality -or perhaps one should say surreality- surpasses fiction’’.

EMERGING SIGNS: The return of the superhero

There are many signs of a powerful desire for letting fantasy enter reality. The superhero figure is being represented in various ways, and it is a source of fascination. Fantasy appears as a possible way to transform our complex, dull daily lives.

1. 2. ORDINARILY FANTASTIC: In the British show Misfits, and the american movie Chronicle, ordinary teenagers are suddenly granted with super-powers, more or less useful.

3. 4. 5. COMICS MANIA : as a result of the success of the theatrical release of the Avengers, which gathered numerous Marvel superheroes, a new release of Superman is expected in 2013. The comics mania has just started.

EVOLUTION OF VALUES: Gamification of the daily life and technomagic

When gaming extends to almost all aspects of our lives.

Deeply rooted in his daily activities, the consumer still yearns for a deeper and richer life.
How to live an extraordinary life and be the hero? Gaming is spreading out to all layers of our very existence. Consumption also turns into an experience game. Playful, immersive approaches, the simple earning of points or acquiring a status are all generators of entertainment, all encouraging to use a service or to buy a product.

Technology regains its magical dimension.

In the future, our environment will be a great concentrate of sensitive, interactive interfaces.
Technologies will melt into matter, smart surfaces will be able to anticipate our needs, they'll be instantly reconfiguring for personalized experiences (with sound, light, pictures, scents, modular ergonomics, etc.) Welcome to a world of technomagic. A world where new rituals, positive, flowing imaginaries are developed, all focused on our desires.

CREATIVE CONCEPT: Extra-ordinary

New technologies rise in jubilation. With playful and magical objects, with apps and the staging of events, everything becomes part of a superhero outfit.  The daily life becomes simply ‘‘extra-ordinary’’.

1. WESC KarmaTech Sneakers. Shoes (with radio frequency identification tags) that interact with the environment. With them, updating your Facebook or Twitter status with your contacts (without a computer or smartphone) is possible. 2. Little Magic Stories by Chris OʼShea. This art installation encourages children to use their creativity to bring stories to life, and stage them. They can interact and respond to their creations in real time. By using a holographic projection film, sets, characters and objects appear to float on stage alongside the performers.

1. Prototype car by students of Kansas City's DeLaSalle School. This electric car, all transparent and mirror-like, blends so well into the background that it runs close to invisibility. 2. Invisible Metamaterial by Boris Kuhlmey. In search for the invisibility cloak, with the Institute of Photonics and Optical Science of Sydney: working around metamaterials, materials with unusual electromagnetic properties, such as light refraction.