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Organised by Villa Noailles, the 27th International festival of fashion and photography ended on April 31st. During four days, exhibitions, performances and shows turned the villa into a creativity incubator. Yohji Yamamoto presided the fashion jury, while Michel Mallard presided the photo jury, awarding Finnish creators Siiri Raasakka, Tiia Siren and Elina Laitinen's Men collection, as well as the series of Canadian artist Jessica Eaton.

1. The final winners

Siiri Raasakka, Tiia Siren et Elina Laitinen, PHOTOS © Peclers Paris

Mixing streetwear, phosphorescent straws, psychedelic woollen fringes and multicolored crystals, the Finnish collection, designed for "friendly savages from the third millennium", was awarded the L’Oréal Professionnel Jury Grand Prize (see images above). Winning a 15000 Euro grant, they will be presenting their collection at Paris' next Fashion Week.

Jessica Eaton, © Jessican Eaton,  PHOTOS © Peclers Paris

Jessica Eaton, Canadian artist, was granted the Jury Grand Prize for her hypnotic colored cubes. The "Cubes for Albers and LeWitt"  series dissects time and space and questions perceivable reality.

2. Young creators to follow

The festival has imposed itself overtime as the international rendez-vous of all avant-gardes.
Among the most promising collections: Maxime Rappaz, Steven Tai, winner of the Chloé Prize, or Lucas Sonchiado, Palais de Tokyo Public Award.

Maxime Rappaz, PHOTO © Peclers Paris

Maxime Rappaz' collection offers a tri-color femininity: diluted pale rose, aquarelle bleach green, and bright fluo pink. Colors create tension between light silk dresses, in precious folds, and rigid cubes positioned as extensions of the body.

Steven Tai, PHOTO © Peclers Paris

Canadian designer Steven Tai inspires a feeling of comfort and restored confidence. Clothes transform into crinkled paper sheets, protective padding in natural color hues, enhanced by flowery blue. 

Lucas Sponchiado, PHOTO © Peclers Paris

Where does Belgium-born Lucas Sponchiado's women come from: the future or the Atlantis? (see above images) Lacquered geometric cutouts garnish sleeves, leggings and bodysuits, structuring the silhouette with sensuous architecture.

In the gardens of Villa Noailles

As far as style is concerned, festival-goers, whether in colored, exotic, black and white, or graphical silhouettes, proved equally rich.

1. My god is blue
Stylist Charlötte Cargnello, all in blue, mixes influences: 40s dress, beach jellyfish, punk hairstyle.
PHOTO © Peclers Paris

2. Mastering the basics
Guillaume Brière, from The Shoes band, wears preppy street denim.
PHOTO © Peclers Paris

3. Print mix and match
Vanessa, blogger, wears a vintage top, Maje dress, Balenciaga boots.

1. Retro belle
Alizée Gaie, blogger, with her retro bun, and vintage skirt.
PHOTO © Peclers Paris

2. Exotic couture
Graphic print saroual pants and couture tank top.
PHOTO © Vogue France

3. Neo tribal surf
Yoann Lemoine, aka Woodkid, in minimalistic spartiates, bermuda shorts and Givenchy scarf.
PHOTO © Peclers Paris


1. Jungle Diva
Daniel Hurlin, a festival's selected stylist, wears a hat of his collection.
PHOTO © Peclers Paris

2. Game of transparency
Ina Jang, photographer, in a sleek cover jumpsuit, wears retro-futuristic sunglasses. Her "clrs" series was commissioned by the Festival for this year's edition.

3. Hawaiian preppy
Regressive prints and marine blue rolled-up chino pants.
PHOTO © Peclers Paris