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The new icons – “Life-styling” bloggers are taking the place of fashion bloggers. Here is why…

As a reaction to the over representation of "fashion bloggers"; from street style photography and style diaries to behind the scenes photos at fashion shows and nightlife snap-shots, we feel more inspired by a new sort of fashion blogs where beauty, harmony and thoughtfulness win over crass party portraits with a "live hard, die young" attitude, the expression of early trend adopters who are constantly out to show off the "next big thing", most often out of its context.
These lifestyling blogs however, show an overarching and precise style, incorporating beautiful imagery of everyday surroundings, personal objects, food, etc. The snap-shots and style diaries of these bloggers become less obvious as fashion becomes just an accessory that is part of a total look, much like stills from a movie. Each photo is a representation of an individual’s world that is as much about personal style as it is about fashion.


Fashion blogs in general have become redundant and noisy. This, because of the repetitive representation of fashion presented out of context and lacking personalization. But some young bloggers put just as much emphasis on their everyday environment; their home, their favourite items, their ideas and values about life and love, as they do on their style. We feel inspired by the wholesomeness of these inspirational and beautiful blogs (and bloggers), where each item shown is part of an overarching look; a "life-style".

Expressing Nostalgia

In the examples highlighted below, each blogger is inspired by the past in their approach to "life-styling" (personal surroundings and choice of clothes) much like highlighted in the Soft Alternative theme, developed in our Spring /Summer 12, Women’s Fashion Trendbook. Soft Alternative is about expressing forgotten know-how while bringing back old-fashioned flirtiousness. It lies "between fragility and elegance, an edgy romanticism with low-key, erotic accents".
To enhance the look, the imagery in these blogs is designed to give a retro feel, and items such as old pottery and vinyls play just as large a role as the vintage- or hand-me-down finds.

Elsa Billgren -

 Images as seen on

  • Elsa Billgren is a Swedish acclaimed vintage expert and blogger for Elle. Her world is highly influenced by the 60’s (think toned down pop) with a very romantic approach to the everyday life, and a lot of detailed photography to underline to the fullest her coherent style choices (fashion and other). Think powdery pastels, happy graphics and retro homeware.

Hannah and Landon -

Images as seen on

  • Hannah and Landon Metz are a "blogger couple". Their dreamy imagery resonates from the turn of the century with a mix of rural simple life aesthetics and a taste for the extravagant. Photos include a lot of outdoor imagery of deep forests and lonely lakes, vintage finds, and inspirational vintage photographs.

Filippa Berg -

Images as seen on

  • Filippa Berg is a writer, blogger and DJ, primarely inspired by the 70’s. With inspiration drawn from her many travels, her fashion style and home represent eclectic and folkloric aesthetic preferences mixed with spiritual references (influences that are further elaborated in the "Where are you from?" theme developed in our Fall Winter 11-12 Women’s Fashion Trendbook).