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CIFF Raven et Revolver Copenhagen, February 2016

Two now-unmissable events in the fashion calendar, the CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair) and the Revolver trade show were held in the Danish capital right at the start of February. New brands, display trends and more: explore a selection of our stand-out favorites, available in their entirety on Peclers (+).

Our stand-out favorite brands

Craig Green x Bjorn Borg, at Ciff Raven: a design-led sports vibe, lab-centric, colorless, in boxy, loose volumes, mixing tennis and judo. Quilts, polos, track pants…

Lady white co, at Ciff Raven: a collection from Los Angeles, with mono-product men’s T-shirts, developed in US cotton, taking inspiration from vintage archives with redesigned details and display.

1. Craig Green x Bjorn Borg, photo Peclers Paris 2. Lady white co, photo Peclers Paris

Reality studio: a womenswear brand, at Revolver, from a German designer living in Portugal and who develops, in a highly personal collection, a vision of contemporary, design-driven folk.

Haeckels: an English cosmetics line, at Ciff Raven, made with seaweed collected from the British coastline.

1. Haeckels, photo Peclers Paris 2. Reality studio, photo Peclers Paris

Display trends

At Han Copenhaguen: a design that’s warmed up with natural materials : wood, ropes, cement squares and a trellised screen feel, but also a play with cubes, volumes, inspiration from kapla.

1-2-3. Han Copenhaguen, photo Peclers Paris

An arty installation feel, like the opening of a contemporary art exhibition at Black Rabbit, L’homme rouge and TWC. At Whyred denim and Wood Wood : Color is used in tint areas, on walls or floors, as a background or on furniture, that adds life and interest, especially to colorless collections.

1. Black Rabbit, photo Peclers Paris 2. L’homme rouge, photo Peclers Paris 3. TWC, photo Peclers Paris 4. Wood Wood, photo Peclers Paris  5. Whyred denim, photo Peclers Paris