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2-3-4 JULY 2013, Berlin

No radical changes this season, where the strengths tend to lie in the men’s collections more than the women’s offer.


Color is ever present but has become more sophisticated, with more whitened, denser tones, often displayed in monochrome.
Strong points: Cold colors tend to dominate:
- blues are still everywhere; indigo, harsh blue, turquoise, sky…
- greens; in yellowed and bluish tones, and put together in new ways
- yellow; in bright flashes
- strong presence of neutrals; black and white, navy, gray.
- dark colors: wine red, dark brown, bottle green, khaki, navy…often paired with white for a graphic contrast.
- a variety of off-whites; ecru, mastic, gray, ultra pale greens and blues    


Men :
- windbreakers in solid and printed featherweight nylon
- less shirting, more T-shirts with beautiful, simple lettering
- fleece is still going strong; sweatshirts, jackets… ; withreverse bouclette, graphic mock solids (heathered, jaspé, buttoned), piqué
- fancy bermudas ; scattered floral print, rich all-over prints… or in warmup-style fleece
- chinos: less colorful, subtler, more refined ranges
- denim: authentic spirit with straight and regular volumes

- multiple versions of shorts
- skinny pants still a must
- sweaters in heavy mesh knit, in the style of ribbon yarn or macramé
- bomber jackets in new, satiny, fluid materials, solid or printed, with a feminine cut  
- jackets and overshirts in quilted cotton


- lots of used, holey, damaged, patched-up, topstitched looks
- fading that looks darker, stoned, less bleached
- canvass with whitened colors on the outside, bright on the inside


- folk motifs revisited for a more graphic look in black and white (mostly for women)
- plenty of proposals for renewed T-shirt lettering; simpler screened prints (all-over floral, neo-camouflage, splotched…), more minimalistic picot and logos, in sheared velvet flocking,  “bold” lettering on all-over printed T-shirts
- lots of fanciful pockets stuck onto men’s tee-shirts; printed, heat-bonded, zippered, patched…
- for women: leopard print spinoffs in less identifiable, more abstract, less colorful versions
- rich, but more or less monochrome all-over or placed motifs; between feathers and foliage
- continuing the winter trend, with “planches d’études” type prints; botanic or animal patterns in  all-over scattered print or placed motifs (men)
- more kaleidoscope style all-over prints (women)
- Hawaiian prints on bleached colored or dark backgrounds (men)
- ashen, blackened, soiled looks on jersey and knit that give a gray cast to colors