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The atmosphere at the show was business-oriented, the booths and displays less extravagant than at M&O, but this is a fair where it is possible to see not only design companies but also manufacturers and contractors, with a strong showing at this edition from Portugal (manufacturers) and Asia (manufacturers and visitors).

TREND forum 2012-13 “Montage”
4 spaces separated by colored veils in green, red, blue, and yellow; overall the scenography was graphic and each setting matched each trend mood:  

“Colour Riot – colours in revolt”
Colors: a multicolored palette of bright tones, a high-energy mood to apply in contrasts or in monochromes
Materials: luminous, iridescent, shiny aspects. Layered fabrics, membranes, optic fibers and recycled materials, focus on quality and durability
Decors: large stripes, allover graphic motifs, digital geometry, photoprints, hologram effects

“Craft Industry – a blend of tradition, handicrafts and the modern”
Colors: warm natural tones in contrasts with industrial colors such as carbon, copper and old gold
Materials: elaborate surfaces and uneven textures, aged effects, vintage look, knits, patchworks, rag-rug aspects and a hand-sewn feel.
Decors: stripes, checks, tie & dye, embroidery, patched tartans

“Dark Lux – the beauty of the night”
Colors: mysterious and elegant dark tones paired with champagne and gold metallics, in a modern and lavish mood
Materials: lacquered surfaces with liquid or rubbery aspects, iridescence and transparency, metallicized fabrics, sequins
Decors: refined geometric patterns, tone-on-tone raised textures

“Split Clarity – the bare essentials”
Colors: very light neutral tones inspired by nature, beiges and grays, used with yellows
Materials: essential and functional, depth effects, innovative high-technology materials that focus on quality and durability.
Decors: sober graphics, refined and orderly motifs, tone-on-tone geometry

Our favorites:

A striking and colorful collection of bed linens, cushions, bed throws, kitchen linens, beach towels and homewear, in a rich blend of colors, techniques and materials (in varying qualities, thicknesses, textures and decors). A Mix & Match approach in which all the pieces can be combined together. The Kas Kids collection was also strong.


Pad /
A fresh and easy collection with rich textures, techniques and decors, presented in a palette of whitened tart tones, light neutrals, and the more traditional red and blue. A Mix & Match spirit in which all the items work together, designed by a company vertically integrated from raw material to finished product.

Esprit /
The “stonewashed” terry range with its particularly well-made worn effects ideal for ornamental bands, in cinnamon, raspberry, Gitane blue, gray and grayed green.


Proflax /
A multi-product collection of fine basics with a dash of novelty and classics modernized by pretty color or black&white photoprints: flowers, birds, garden gnomes. Also an interesting outdoor / indoor collection, from tablecloths to cushions.


Elitis /
A sophisticated and creative multi-product collection (textiles, curtains, wall coverings, wallpaper) with ethnic-inspired motifs reworked in a modern vein.
Textiles: large geometric embroidery (Mahjong and Zadig), “stonewashed” linen in a wide array of colors, including bright tones (Origins), ikat-inspired printed linen voile in soft nuances (My Dear), voluptuous and billowing pleated linen-cotton curtains and bed throws (Bohemian), chic black & white rock & roll satin embroidered with sequins (Close to Me) .
Wall coverings and wallpaper: 4 new heat-shaped items: molding, tufted, city map and soft checks (Chance), straw-textured (Azzurro) and Japanese paper (Geisha), long pile flocking for frost-effect cherry blossoms (Orient Express).


Buzzi Space /
A wide range of colors for mural decors, screen-curtains, or small furniture made in 70% recycled wool and 30% polyacryl (or recycled PET). Warm and colorful felted and heather textures, innovative acoustic solutions for the home or office, made by this dynamic Belgian company, a first-time exhibitor at Heimtex.

Buzzi Space

Vorwerk /
Scale Living transposes the concept of floor tiles to private spaces, for unique and modular DIY rug compositions. 3 materials: carpet (Aquafil PA), real leather and stainless steel, and 3 different shapes, sold in kits of 4, 6 or 8 modules or individually. The innovative offering (design Hadi Teherani) of a creative brand that also supplies major architectural projects.


Also noteworthy

BED LINENS : a strong show of painted or watercolor aspects and photoprints

Damaï /
The high-end organic percale and satin Organics collection, in very bright colored prints, unusual in “eco” or nature ranges. Also an interesting classic cotton collection of photoprints (feathers) and the more graphic Kids collection.



Escada /
Many satin references in plains and prints: watercolor textures applied to flowers and stripes, splotched effects and deep gradated hues.


Hugo Boss /
An elegant and unisex collection: ikat print foliage, mock solids, geometric 30s inspired all-over damasks. The harmonies focused on very chic purplish blues and neutrals.

Joop !
Abstract and geometric motifs on satin, two-toned textured and luminous stripes and neo-glen-check patches in a masculine and bold spirit.

1. Hugo Boss 2. Joop

Mexx /  
Watercolor dots and flowers, graphic stripes in a “First Apartment” style

Kaeppel /
A “construction site” setting for bed linens featuring giant stripes and signal colors, targeting the “First Apartment” market.

Hiccups /
Bed linens for kids in naïve and graphic prints inspired by fairy tales, dinosaurs or construction sites. The linen range was presented with matching deco objects including baby accessories, cushions, stickers and wallpaper.


Sampedro /
A Portuguese manufacturer’s collection in a modern shirting vein: stripes, mini geometric prints and fabric-covered buttons.

Menderes /
The collection dubbed “Charme” was given a modern twist with micro-geometric prints and contrasting topstitching on satin.

1. Sampedro 2. Menderes

Lenzing /
The cellulosic fiber producer of Tencel and Modal presented a concept called “Botanic Bed”: mattress + mattress cover + comforter and bed linens all made in Tencel. This fiber, regenerated from eucalyptus wood pulp, is said to regulate temperature variations and wick away moisture, and could therefore improve the quality of sleep. Tencel is also a naturally hygienic antibacterial fiber.
Modal, made from beech wood, has a very soft hand and can be used alone or in blends with cotton, for terry toweling and bed linens.

Small World /
A Chinese bed linens manufacturer headed by an Englishman that supplies mass retailers and also designs Margaret Muir’s classic and refined collection and a range made by the young Scottish designer Fiona Douglas, called Blue Bell Gray. The company has plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2015 (compared to 2007), by installing solar panels (supplying 50% of the company’s energy needs), and investing in wind farms and hydraulic energy projects in China.

Esprit /
In a range of blues, reds and light neutrals, a neo-traditional collection shifted by novel trims and colored Lurex embroidery and damasks.

Wolly&Co /
A wide array of home deco products in a graphic Scandinavian style (branded MOW), from the kitchen to the bathroom, a collection of colorful and easy patterned essentials.

Pip Studio /
A Dutch collection of bed linens, wallpaper, tableware, stationery and accessories in a floral folk, “pretty” naïve spirit and highly colorful mood.

“Travel plaids” made in synthetic textiles, in plain colors or “fun” photoprints, nomadic items to use everywhere including in the car.

WALLPAPER: trompe-l’œil textures, spectacular figurative motifs and arty exoticism.

Concrete Wall /
A collection of “concrete walls” created by the photographer and designer Tom Naga. The trompe-l’œil photoprints are made with high-resolution pictures, rough digital printed textures, and a made-to-measure approach for each type of project: for architects, decorators or individual clients. The collection is particularly suited to commercial spaces and was chosen by H&M to present its ready-to-wear collection. A range of matching cushions is also in the works.

Concrete Wall

Scrapwood /
Reclaimed wood panels and molding, emblematic of Piet Hein Eek’s work, translated into trompe-l’œil wallpaper, in varied color harmonies, from mock whites to dark monochromes and mixed pastels.

Mr Perswall /
Spectacular photoprints, oversized placed motifs: men’s wardrobe, multicolored bobbins ... presented in each of the thematic collections: Fashion, Destination, Hide&Seek, Communication. The highly creative company also offers the option of personalizing wallpapers or customizing them based on the existing collection.

Mr Perswall

Curious Boy /
A psychedelic mood decked in bright and near neon colors: the designer Markus Besnesch creates landscapes with faux three-dimensional effects based on abstract shapes or giant geometric patterns, using digital printing techniques and applied on walls, floors and furniture. The design studio specializes in events and often reroutes wallpaper to clothing (Wallpaper Jacket for Aspesi) or to furniture (Wallpaper Furniture).

Curious Boys

Coordonné /
The collection made by the Colombian designer Catalina Estrada, known for her colorful and “wonderful” world steeped in South American folklore. The Kids Coordonné collection is also noteworthy, from the narrative panoramics to the graphic mini-figurative motifs.

Boras Tapeter /
A fancy multicolored collection by Hanna Werning: with floral patterns between Jungle and Art Nouveau; and the modern Eco collection with its neutral colors and varied white textures.

1. Coordonné 2. Boras Tapeter


O.J. Van Maele /
The manufacturer of high-end fabrics, in 100% linen or in blends with copper, polyester or wool, has developed exclusive designs for key “éditeur” decoration companies, and also presents its own collection (with a 100-meter minimum order).

Michèle Lemaire /
Creativity and technical innovation make up the DNA of this family-owned company, which designs products both for “éditeur” decoration and fashion houses, and specializes in diverse techniques: embroidery, bonding, laser cutting, … from curtains to wall coverings.

Yutes /
A collection made mostly in linen (sourced in Italy and Belgium), including Masters of Linen labeled qualities. A range of neutrals on varied references, and newer: intense primary tones, two-tonal combinations of a neutral + a color (in a half-linen vein) in heavy weight fabrics that are washed and softened.

Ehrlich /
Leather made for “extreme outdoor” uses thanks to a mildew-resistant coating, for applications on outdoor furniture or car seats (Ferrari convertible). The white and light nuances are particularly aesthetic.