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January 2014

The International trade fair for home textiles : household linens, upholstery fabrics and wall coverings.

A trade fair that brought together 2,718 exhibitors (in 2013 : 2,616) from 61 countries with a dynamic, creative sector for bed linens thanks, in particular, to Dutch brands for both their products and their lifestyle presentations. At Portuguese or Indian (Comma) exhibitors, we still find impressive, decorative know-how : finishings, embroideries, beadings, topstitchings, ruffles … that enrich the collections. For decoration, wallpaper and especially upholstery fabrics, besides a few high-end editors, the overall offer lacked sharpness and diversity. We looked for, but did not find, textiles in fresher colors and unexpected motifs … which would have brought more innovation to reflect a creative, updated, contemporary mood.

TREND FORUM : Progress and Revive
A forum conceived this year by the London studio Franklin Till (UK)based on the research/reflections of the Trendtable  members : 2G2L (France), Dan Project (Japan), Global Color Research (US), Orbitato (Brazil), Stijlinstitut Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Franklin Till (Netherlands).
4 open areas were set around a central zone with images projected on voile fabric.


Generate collision. The use and mastery of technologies creates textures and patterns that give unique, surprising results.
A concept illustrated live with designer Paul Ferragut’s “The Collider”, an interactive, connected, DIY printer which traced one-of-a-kind motifs in marker on Tyvek bags. Visitors could choose the elements they wanted on an iPad (
Colors / Red, pink, turquoise, anise, orange, a range of brights and fluorescents complemented by a beige and dark violet.
Materials / nettings, foams, microfibers, perforated, bonded velvets
Patterns / A sport, arty, graphic mood with geometric or random, rhythmic motifs, a play of spotty or distorted effects, iridescent oil spots, vibrant ikats, butterfly wings.

Engineer nature. Synthesize the natural world to imagine a sustainable future. A laboratory-like scenography focusing on experiments by young designers inspired by the processes of nature, new ways to create materials and patterns with bio-elements.
Colors / A super-vegetation mood : a monochrome of greens (anise, almond, fluorescent, leaf, pine) outlined by red and mirrored silver.
Materials / Satins, coatings, metallic prints, felts, …
Patterns / From photoprints to researched or contrasted textures, an approach that focuses on color.

Exalt Purity. A celebration of materials in their roughest states to renew with a more spiritual world. The scenography took inspiration from a Bedouin tent where we could savor Oriental tea.
Colors / A natural range revolving around neutrals : earthy darks associate with cool indigo, light jade green and beige.
Materials / Linen, wool, roving or slubbed yarns, fur effects, worn fabrics, …
Patterns / A validation of more modest textures, imperfections, handcrafted skills in reaction to the abundance of mass production. Spotty, marbleized motifs, oversized textures, …

Rejuvenate craft
Give products back their history and sense by taking inspiration from updated, reinvented craftsmanship. To answer the increasing presence of technology, we turn to improvisation and salvaging.
An area like a woven labyrinth where we could meet “Barnaby the Spoon”, alias Barnaby Carder, an English craftsman who sculpts wooden spoons in his ephemeral workshop (
Colors/ A multicolored range of washed-out, intense tones : ecru, yellow, eucalyptus, lavander, red, tobacco, burgundy.
Materials / Vegetation fibers, ropes, multicolored thrown yarns.
Patterns/ Rattan, crochet, handknit and tapestry inspirations …

Our favorites
True Stuff
A beautiful, sober Danish collection of jacquard bed linens, a range of slightly-colored neutrals in stripes and discreet geometrics. The company name reflects a desire to propose true, more sustainable products : high-end qualities of 100% organic cotton as an alternative to cotton grown with dangerous pesticides often produced throughout the world. Natural terrycloth also with one-side cotton, one-side bouclette in linen or hemp (more absorbant). A collection produced 100% in Europe.

Room Seven
Distributed by Bedding House, this Dutch brand develops a Hawaiian surf theme for a junior target. Girl and boy versions with a fresh way to recycle nostalgia : typographies, pink flamingos, Tahitian women, American cars and surfboards … a mix & match of allover retro vignettes.

A rich, inventive collection, playing as much on validating natural, inexpensive materials as on innovation with products that have a more technical, decorative look.
The « Eclat » and « Robinson » collections develop abaca, leaves, bark, raffia or cork, all woven or glued to make wall coverings. In white asphalt or stained wood versions with threads of metallic ribbons or fine mother-of-pearl insets, an extraordinary variety of surfaces, rhythms and textures, even mat-shiny contrasts.
The « L’Original » collection offers three embossed, 3-D wall decorations, contemporary bas-reliefs or tiling inspirations in XXL formats.
In « Volupté », the same ground is used but lighter and topstitched for finely-quilted furniture fabrics : three dense, multi-use patterns from contemporary to classic.
For wallpaper, Oriental inspiration from a Thousand-and-one-nights to Topkapi cultivate a humor that includes distortions and a nod to the 70’s with « On attend Shéhérazade » (Waiting for Sheherazade) and « Les doudous peace & love » (Peace & Love comfort).
For curtains and seating, the « Quadrille » line develops jacquard piqués with colored, thin plastic yarns.
We also find a more classic mood, new ranges of woven velvet stripes, striped wallpapers and Silky, a superb satin with linen back.

Bed linens
New items to remember :
- Flowers : an abundance of floral, exotic and luxurious motifs painted, watercolored or hyper-realist drawings, worked alone or mixed with stripes or dots.

Portugal Home Textil / Zorlutextil

- Tropical infusion : a Hawaiian mood, a desire for exoticism and getting away with palm trees, vintage scenes, orchids or jungle florals, also worked in allover geometric stamps.

Beddinghouse / Essenza

- Mock-solids : discolored, spotty prints between marble and cloudy skies, blurred fabrics look as if they’ve been stamped.

Adalberto Estampados / Christy

Still present :
-  Photoprints : from essential animals (bears, foxes, storks, pigs … also hummingbirds) all the way to vegetation and textured effects (pine cones, feathers, handknits …)

Potter / H.G.Hahn

- Graphic geometrics or arty abstractions in giant formats

Essenza / Beddinghouse

- In the continuation of tie-dyes - sketched or stamped textures

Essenza / Esprit

- A city mood with New York-at-night or sepia grays

A stand that is always attractive, promoting a trendy, well-dosed deco lifestyle. The textile group presents Vanneza (a contraction of « Van Es Home » + Essenza), a new, feminine collection in satin and cotton with a floral, colorful romanticism.

Extremely varied viewpoints for Essenza’s new ensembles : screened patchwork or XXL color-blocks, a tropical inspiration mixing ethnic stripes and overexposed palm trees, a Japanese mood with a mix of flowers and shot stripes inspired by kimonos.

Still using florals, Pip Studio is less exotic and more botanical with flowers inspired by Dutch paintings on sky backgrounds or herb and bird studies for wallpaper.

At Marco O’Polo, the graphic two-tone stripes that were already present mix this season with mini geometrics like monochromatic stamps. To note the mini, polo-shirt style, monogrammed embroideries on pillowcase corners, the brand’s signature.

Covers & Co still has an impertinent, playful style with XXL figurative photoprints (of suspenders or sneakers). For children : « Enjoy the circus » animals in black & white outlined by colored graphics or « Travel with Animals » dogs and cats driving toy racing cars.

Charming bed linens from this English country, ready-to-wear brand in recolored, traditional vintage looks on light grounds : hunting scenes, boat regattas, riding inspirations, floral bouquets + stripes … A fresh, British universe, completed by knit blankets and terrycloth bath linens.

A lovely range of yarn-dyes, checks and plaid flannels in a blue-white-beige range with red accents, a casual cosy, mismatched mood with monochromatic floral bouquets on ecru grounds.
For the table, ranges of mini, two-tone, geometric jacquards in blue or rust plus ecru.

Bath linens
Creative, novelty toweling in the forum and on the stands :
- Lighter robes with a sporty cut, drawstring waists and contrast bands Cawo (

- More lightness, puffiness and absorption thanks to new spinning techniques or fibers. AirDrop technology integrates air inside 100% cotton fibers ( and NanoSpun cotton is used for towels and Aerofil Drylon for Christy Home bathmats.
- Novelty blurred yarns with multicolored, tufted ecru, Neiper Home or on a heathered gray base, Villafelpos
- A signal-bright approach with fluorescent solids or novelty bands in fluorescent jacquards on white, Grada Textil, also seen in puffy blankets in fluorescent microfibersS. Olliver

- Wide stripes in dark colors fused in pointilist gradings Bomdia (
- Trompe l’œil jacquard stripes in digital prints on bath sheets Frottana


Kas Room
A less multicolored line (white, green, yellow, coral and gray) still rich in mix & match techniques (prints + embroideries or weaves). A line from bed linens to deco satisfies a more casual, still high-end target with a strong proportion of linen.

A collection of custom-made rugs that integrate new qualities of mixed yarns in merino wool and linen, work on textures and precious, mat-shiny contrasts.


The « Le Corbusier collection » of innovative wall coverings combining non-wovens and woven textures, based on the famous Swiss architect’s Polychromie Architecturale. 5 patterns plus 30 solids inspired by the surfaces and rhythms of his buildings : the lines of the Philips Pavilion, a window of the Unité of Habitation in Marseille, the Brise-soleil in Chandigarh with its concrete and mini perforations.

Janelli & Volpi
After the Luci e Ombre collection by Daniel Lago and Paola Jannelli presented at the Milan Furniture Fair, innovative products in the « JWall Taylor Made » range. « Janvel », a printed Velcro wall covering from designer Nisi Magnoni lets one attach decorative or functional accessories at whim on a wall. The « Wonder » range made in partnership with photographers : 2 tri-dimensional patterns (vegetation, architecture) visible with 3-D glasses, Max Rommel’s « Specie di spazi », graphic color blocks and empty gray & white surfaces play up 2-D illusions of space.

« Scrapwood Wallpaper 2 », a collection of 8 patterns based on furniture materials from Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek’s « waste collection. In a decorative recycling mood, printed on more mat paper, massive beams recalling train rails, checkerboards made of scrap wood from sanded logs, rough planks painted in gray and white, …

Curious Boy
Inspired by children’s construction toys, « Brickollection » proposes wall decors in a very personal, spectacular style by designer Markus Benesch. Multicolored, « Rubik’s Cube » checkerboards swirl around like a tornado, a trompe l’œil of stretched fibers on nails, neo-Memphis totems … games of dynamic illusions create surprising experiments. Printed in silver mirror film or on textured, classic damask for wall coverings plus Tyvek or non-woven footstools.

In partnership with Maison Margiela, high-end wallpapers reinterpret the brand’s notorious trompe’l’œil motifs in a mix of textures and illusions. Slabs oflimestone OR chalk, marble mosaics, pleated curtains, … huge, worked patterns in a range of mat neutrals, whites, grays, rust or browns and metallic coppers.

On the stand, the collections were assembled in a  discreet neutral display, unusual for the Spanish brand.
« Tiles Collection », a wallpaper range inspired by the rich traditions of Spanish tiling from Gaudi to Andalusian palaces in two-tone or worn-out motifs for very visual trompe l’oeils.