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Paris - January 21-25, 2011

In this new year, MAISON&OBJET wants to be the mirror of our aspirations to live more fully and better. This quest for excellence is strongly expressed in the luxury and design poles of Halls 7 and 8. Two steps away, Now! Design for Living, Scenes d’Interieur and Maison&Object Editors joined together for the first time in a 100% couture fashion-home mood. In parallel, the ACTUEL decoration area, reflecting contemporary market developments, has a new dimension in Hall 5B with an area dedicated to it entirely. This diverse offer still seduces international visitors. A symbol of criss-crossed experiences, MAISON&OBJET multiplies links between creative worlds with the 3rd edition of the "Paris des Chefs" event. All illustrate a strong objective : offer the best for art of living with a "green attitude" so creation can constantly be renewed … with "INTENSITY". An excellent kick-off for the year in Paris, the Capital of Creation!

With a record buyer attendance for export (Japan +42%, USA +25%, Russia +29%) and a breakdown still showing a balance between French and foreign visitors, MAISON&OBJET imposes itself definitively as THE worldwide pole for fashion-home in Paris, the Capital of Creation. Its long-term strategy axed on a high-quality, converging offer of creativity for the art of living anticipates the desires of demanding buyers, trendy order-givers and consumers seeking excellence and modernity. Besides being just an event, this twice-a-year happening generates an acknowledged, unanimously well-received dynamism.

Forums :
Around the theme of INTENSITY, a vision of a "reinforced" home
The desire to live more fully and better, even during our tense times.

- Hypnotic / the time of metamorphosis. Moving geometrics, games of light, 3-D effects, fractals and kinetic illusions trouble us, activate our emotions and intensify the everyday.

Images: Hypnotic

- High tension / a polysensorial circuit in subtle variations. Sounds and tastes, tactile effects, surprising materials, illumination and lightness. Techno-poetry at the service of an enriched well-being.

Images: Haute-Tension

-Unplugged / letting go. Renew with simplified comfort and joyous frugality, have more time for yourself … Forget nostalgia, taste the pleasure of the moment.

Images: Un-plugged

In the Fair :

Table art and accessories

Loveramics /
The Tripods collection, stackable and functional bowls all the way to salad sizes with 3 feet, allowing them to have different positions depending on the desired use : for preparation or serving.

Image: Loveramics

Improve the everyday by reinventing classic utensils : designed by Roger Arquer, a funnel that is both container and measure, available in 3 stacking sizes which strangle resemble a family of ducks.

Image: RVKB

Poterie des Guimards & Laurent Corio /
The result of the collaboration between a designer and a craft company, the Shokki collection illustrates the meeting of tradition with a city lifestyle in clay dishes with robust design and brightly-colored insides.

Images: Laurent Corio

Richard Ginori /
Two new lines : "Fil rouge" plays with an oversized, handpainted style pattern, looking different in black outlined in red. "Folkware" reworks a stamp mood with multicolors and borders. And still collections of plates with printed backs, Metroquadrodue can be hung on the wall or put on the table … mirror.

Images: Ginori

Asa Home /
A contemporary country mood in blue denim or pale gray : plates, bowls, carafes and salad bowls with a handmade look plus coordinated, natural-colored baskets edged in blue. In a more urban mood, a 2nd line in white porcelain is crossed by a graphic, dotted blue line.

Images: Asa Home

Alessi /
Shiba, a series of 3 frying and sauce pans with a timeless design, named after a dog, the icon of faithfulness, very popular in Japan. Wood or bakelite handles and sober, robust shapes which will patinate over time and are ideal for slow cooking.
Steel wire baskets are an elogy to lightness while flower pot holders are made of randomly assembled, metallic rectangles. Stoneware pots with rubber stoppers inspired by Asian ceramics conserve ingredients or store utensils in a neutrals + rust range reminiscent of Morandi.

Images: Alessi

Jia Inc. /
Gray terracotta pots with hermetically sealed silicone lids. An engraved stamp symbolizes abundance and shapes are inspired by Chinese philosophy and the balance between a square (earth) and circle (sky) for contemporary design with Zen inspiration.

Images: Jia Inc

Saint Louis
A new line of glass vases with wavy textures in pink or amber created by Marie-Christine Dorner. Also glasses composed of 2 globes assembled head-to-toe and a technological innovation : Neodim, a glass that changes color from parma to sky blue, depending on the type of lighting.

Images: Saint Louis


Ligne Roset /
The continuation of the Ruché line by Inga Sempé with a bed and a new color : faded rust, coordinated with evanescent pink bed linens.
Esthetic and functional, a cocoon-like desk for working at home with isolation and concentration : a felt-covered, "soundproof" bubble by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi.
R.& E. Bouroulec design Poum, a wadded, new look couch in a generous, organic shape of foam and stretch fabric, confortable and inviting.

Images: Ligne Roset

Cinna /
Wire netting by François Azambourg, an indoor/outdoor chair made from a simple sheet of openwork metal, folded origami-style : a reworked Bertoia mood ?
A new style with Marie Dessuant’s Etagere du Coin (corner shelf), the best way to use each space.
Oka by Kazuko Okamoto, a modular column bookshelf composed by mixing colors to decorate a wall.

Images: Cinna

Alki /
This cooperative enterprise located in the Basque region has evolved from traditional to contemporary design while conserving a handcrafted know-how and developing a commitment to ecology. Massive oak with a natural finish for stackable chairs or wall seats, sheathed in brightly-colored wool felt, and a coordinated crate edged in a red nylon brush.
This cooperative enterprise located in the Basque region has evolved from traditional to contemporary design while conserving a handcrafted know-how and developing a commitment to ecology. Massive oak with a natural finish for stackable chairs or wall seats, sheathed in brightly-colored wool felt, and a coordinated crate edged in brushed red nylon.

Images: Alki

Atipico /
A craftsman mood but a contemporary look, functional, not stilted, innovative, charming … a collection from rugs to tableware plus small furniture or armchairs. A range of pigment tones evoking voyages : indigo, violet, khaki, yellow ochre, red and natural white … all faded in jute, bamboo, metal or nylon canvas.

Authentics /
Kali, a new bathroom line designed by the India-English duo Doshi & Levien : a mirrored cabinet crossed by modular shelves and small containers in opaque white or colored, transparent polycarbonate for organizing bottles and small accessories.

Images: Authentics

Perigot /
A clean white line in Tyvek (non-tearing and non-woven) for totes and an insular shopping cart.

Palomar /
Crumpled city in Tyvek, supple maps of the world’s capitals, waterproof, tough and trouble-free for light traveling with a list of essentials and favorite addresses as a bonus.

Image: Palomar

Nanimarquina /
Diamonds, a rug in 13 colors with irregular edges, it re-interprets the technique of ancient kilims. Handwoven from handspun yarns, each rug one-of-a-kind, they demonstrate the skill of Pakistani craftsmen.

Image: Nanimarquina


For bed linens, less flowers, more abstraction and geometry

Yellows are everywhere : worked sophisticatedly in tarnished embroideries (Margaret Muir)
or satin jacquards (Fischbacher) with paisley or mini-figurative motifs.

Images (from left to right): Margaret Muir ; Fischerbacher

Stripes are still essential : maxi graphic format and flamboyant harmonies (Desforges) or satin stripes in colored grays (Lacoste)

Images (from left to right): Desforges ; Lacoste ; Jalla

Masculine sobriety: mini "tie" motifs and discrete shirt stripes for a new Dandy line (Hugo Boss)

A spotty mood : multicolored, spotty flowers with "Liberty" inspiration and black braid (Jalla), marble bookbinding print (Frette), fake drips on linen (Winkler), fused dots (Delorme)

Hay /
Giant geometric color blocks in acidics and white, graded or outlined with black lines for bed linens by Scholten & Baijings. As if dunked in a dye bath, pleats become the decoration for Margrethe Odgaard’s "Fold" tablecloth done with digital printing. A soft expression of geometry interpreted in a very creative, contemporary collection.

Images: Hay

Society /
Placemats in compact satin with laser openworks, an irregular gauze motif printed in "trompe l’œil"  on abaca (banana) fiber voile with a natural, dry hand for tablecloth and table runner.

Jobu /
A range of fabric accessories for the home : kitchen gloves, potholders, baskets, hot plates … inspired by boat sails in organic cotton or sturdy linen in fresh colors : indigo, mustard, orange, green, gray and ecru for an improved everyday.  
A range of fabric accessories for the home : kitchen gloves, potholders, baskets, hot plates … made out of boat sails in organic cotton or sturdy linen in fresh colors : indigo, mustard, orange, green, gray and ecru for an improved everyday.  

Images: Jobu

Virages /
The follow-up of the My Drap (My Sheet) concept for table linens in rolls of 12 or 25 pre-cut units in cotton or linen with, this year, the dishtowel version in white, framed in a colored stripe.

Biennial of editors
Still a high-end offer which blends classic fabrics and contemporary creation.
Black & White star in the trade fair scenography with a mural made of wallpaper selected from exhibitors. Surfaces with flocked or varnished finishes … mixing an engraved, geometric and ornamental mood, the fabric concept continues with armchairs in the meeting areas.

Images (from left to right): Biennial of editors ; La Gallina Matta

Designers Guild /
A first collaboration with Christian Lacroix for decorative fabrics from slashed black velvet to the Vuelta print evoking flowers thrown after a bullfight. Between painting and photos, a collection of trompe l’œil flowers in pink or turquoise flashes on neutral grounds, used on velvet cushions or for wall coverings. Black & White continues like a botanical sketchbook with tree motifs that appear drawn in charcoal on fabrics and wallpaper.

Images: Designers Guild

Elitis /
Innovative wall coverings with Alliances, a jersey bonded to foam and heat-formed with exceptional acoustic qualities. A smooth surface between mat and shiny which looks embossed - the transfer of technological procedures from the automobile industry.
India and Evasion, stripes and fused motifs in cotton or silk continue a sophisticated craft mood in the recently launched collections.

Images: Elitis

Kurage /
A Danish collection in loose drawings from vegetation to abstract, worked around white on the stand. Rugs, wallpaper, tablecloths, mat-on-shiny motifs for dishes and dévoré, white-on-white net curtains, also exist in other color ranges.

Image: Kurage

Bantie /
The print mood evolves : less Scandinavian graphics, more irregular and arty, almost like pencil sketches. The range is worked in cool tones : blue, green or gray monochromatic shapes and "badly-dyed" solids or watercolors.

Image: Bantie

Wall & déco /
Life, a collection of vinyl wallpaper with XXL motifs that seem to have no repeats. Figurative photos or painting treatments and "grandiose" patterns for extraverted homes or hotels.

Images: Wall & déco

Tracy Kendall /
A slice of reality in trompe l’œil with wallpaper (Genna’s secret) composed of endless piles of romance
novels !
A trend already seen at Maison & Objet : maxi cushions on the ground in post office bag or great masters prints (Fatboy), a mug and notebook collection recalling Eames’ photos (Virages), the "Door to Door" curtain banner collection (Grain de couleur) all show the growing development of digital printing.

Images: Tracy Kendall

Farrow & Ball /
A new color range proposing a mix of subtly grayed, whitened acidics and refined neutrals : oranges, turquoise, jade, beige skin, mastic, parma gray …

We note a dispersed show since many exhibitors prefer participating in Paris Deco Off and exhibiting in their showroom (Lelièvre, Dominique Picquier, Ribelli, Sahco, …) or in ephemeral spaces (Kinnasand,…) in the middle of Paris (Bastille, Place des Victoires, Palais-Royal et Saint-Germain-des-Prés).