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A multi-styled show in which contemporary design and creativity continue to develop at a steady pace, visible, among others, in the NOW hall, and with the emergence of a new school of young French design-oriented deco companies. 

The show’s general theme focused on the notion of CRAZY and the power of the imagination, expressed by season’s three forums: 

Art’Keting (F.Bernard)

Personalization, everyday “starification”, asserting one’s difference: anti-banality one-off’s, references and citations to multiple periods, the collision of materials and colors… an elegant presentation of how a home can be turned into a “work of art”.

Dreambox (E.Leriche)
Organized like a hotel, with each door opening on an imaginary world: plays with illusion, distortion, scales and sequential effects, producing a marvelous and captivating fantasy world.

Sweet Freaks (V.Grégoire for Nelly Rodi)
The imagination electrified: a bric-a-brac assortment of offbeat eclecticism, odd clashes and quirky accumulations, for a high voltage home between idiosyncrasy and hallucination. 



Yellows: continuing
Already seen last season, yellows are now spreading to furniture and sofas, from classic mustard-yellow washed linens (“Louisiana” by Flamant) to bright yellow design objects (“Elysée” by Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset).

1. Flamant 2. Ligne Roset

Blues and turquoises: prevalent

In a retrospective vein, at Ligne Roset with an assortment of different period armchairs all dressed in blues, from turquoise to teal blue, and from classic woolens to knits and technical textiles.

A Gitane blue, verging on lavender, seen on metallic furniture at Tolix.

1. Ligne Roset 2. Tolix

Oranges: new
Oranges are emerging both in patterns and in plains: tangerine orange + gray seen on printed palmetto motifs on percale at Olivier Desforges, shot cotton/viscose velvet with bright orange pile on a purple ground for the “Belem” sofa by Cinna.

1.  Olivier Desforges 2.  Cinna


Exotic plant fibers

Paralleling the expansion of linen, exotic plant fibers are increasingly popular and confer their specific properties to products.
A beautiful collection of home linens in subtle textures achieved by innovative finishes: braided bath mats, printed, embroidered and jacquard weave abaca gauze tablecloths. Abaca (or Manila hemp) comes from a plant of the banana family. Because of its superior lightness, resistance and durability compared to other natural fibers, it was traditionally used to make ropes and cords.

Palm leaf baskets (indoor-outdoor) and hand-braided table mats, simple shapes and very modern flat surfaces, in soft colors and refined two-tones.

A fabric woven with Washi yarns (Japanese paper), drawn from Kumazawa, a bamboo family plant. The Washi sheets are cut into fine ribbons that are twisted into yarns that can be woven or knitted. Sasawashi is washable and is twice as absorbent as cotton. Its antibacterial and anti-odor properties - that don’t wash out - make it an ideal material for bathroom towels.

1. Makaua  2.  Sasawashi

Metals: pared design

Real metal or metallic finishes infuse design objects with a chic edge.

HAY  /
Simple geometric mirrors with copper, brass or black colored aluminum handles.

Petite Friture
“Hollo” (design by Amandine Chhor& Aissa Logerot) a set of two stools/coffee tables and a table, in brass or charcoal toned epoxy steel, for use indoors or outdoors. Refined design based on simple circles and lines.

1.  Hay  2. Petite Friture

A Japanese collection of handcrafted tableware, centering on copper tea boxes in varied patinas depending on their age. The company also makes beautiful wood and ceramic objects.


Shapes and decors experiment with updated forms of abstraction through a new balance of shapes and new compositions for patterns. These high precision modern objects come in an array of soft and refined colors. 

Geometric shapes

HAY  /
“Kaleido” (design by Clara von Zweigbergk) a series of hexagonal-shaped trays that can be combined and used in different rooms, from the living room to the office ... A dynamic palette of colors that combines brights, pastels, darks and white.


Normann Copenhagen /
An octagonal pot for knives and kitchen accessories made in ABS (a high impact resistant plastic) and in soft shades: nude, blue, black, light gray and white. An appealing and innovative product that contrasts with the current whimsical design mood of kitchen accessories.

Delica /
A product range made in a single material: HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and offering multiple functions: “Coleccion Kuusi” in two octagonal sizes, in colored neutrals, to use and combine as coasters, trays or cutting boards. 

1.  Normann Copenhagen  2.  Delica

Plum shapes

Gandia Blasco /
“Tropez” (design by Stefan Diez) a sofa inspired by sports equipment, circa 1920s and 1930s based on shapes taken from sailboats or handcrafted tennis rackets. The seating is firm and the volume cozy for use indoors and outdoors, made with extruded aluminum and with a removable fabric cover that is water-repellent.

Cinna /
“Serpentine” (design by Eléonore Nallet) a chunky and comfortable armchair made of padded tubes intertwined on a metal frame. An indoor-outdoor chair in water-repellent and UV-resistant 100% acrylic.

1.  Gianda Blasco  2.  Cinna

Alki /
“Triku” chair in simple and lavish proportions inspired by dolmens (Celtic prayer stones). A timeless collection made in essential materials: wood, wool and stone.

Branco Sobre Branco /
“Borboleta”, a wood and fabric armchair with round feminine curves.

1.  Alki  2.  Branco Sobre Branco

Décors géométriques

HAY  /
“Puzzle” and “Pinwheel” cushions in woven wool filled with down. The fabric is cut and sewn in large triangles, like a modernized quilt.

Chevalier Edition /
“Nova” by Studio FRST and “Folk” by Sylvain Willenz are hand made rugs based on geometric motifs and in novel color harmonies: pastel coral, pale yellow and sky blue on a light gray ground.

1.  Hay  2.  Chevalier Édition

Ferm Living/
Allover triangle motifs in grayed pastels (pink, mint green, fresh coral and teal blue) applied on varied items: trays, towels, paper napkins, cups, mugs, wallpaper…


Gervasoni /
Paola Navone adorns linen cushions with a printed and flocked worn down motif.

Gan Rugs /
“Canevas” rugs, seats and cushions (design by Charlotte Lancelot) adorned in giant cross-stitch embroidery with brightly colored felted wool yarns, on a perforated ground of gray felted wool. The motifs evoke traces.

1.  Gervasoni  2.  Gan Rugs


Novel products destined to become familiar everyday objects focus on innovation, performance and emotion.

New high performance ingredients

Blackbody /
“La lumière au service du design” (Light-based design) the brand of Astron FIAMM, who designs, develops and manufactures OLEDs = organic light-emitting diodes, an ultra flat, lightweight and non-heat generating source of light. OLEDs are airtight, non-blinding, require little energy and can be recycled like standard glass. Several types of lights: from desk lamps to spectacular chandeliers.

SUS Gallery/
“Happy Ice Cream!” a titanium bowl and spoon, designed specifically to eat ice cream slowly, based on an isothermal double layered material, presented in a range of deep and refined dark anodized tones.

1.  Blackbody  2.  SUS Gallery

All-in-once performance

Native Union/
MM03i by the French designer David Turpin: a soft finish dock incorporating an iPhone charger, a Bluetooth phone handset with a speaker and a high-end microphone. A new “well-being” product based on evidence that using a separate handset reduces a phone’s electromagnetic radiation by 96%.

LaPaDD /
“Elephant Charge Box” is a piece of furniture that organizes, stores and charges all the house’s electr(on)ic devices. The lacquered sheet metal desk is lined with polyolefin foam, which ensures silence and protects the devices from shocks.

1.  Native Union  2.  LaPaDD

La Boite Concept/
The French company has designed a compact table equipped with innovative acoustic speakers and an amplifier, to use with a computer or cell phone. It emits high fidelity sound based on 7 speakers and is available in several finishes.

Forestier /
“Hodge-Podge” by Arik Lévy is a hybrid, lacquered metal and cork lamp equipped with a USB charger and a digital clock.

1.  La Boite Concept  2.  Forestier

Artech (entre l’art et technologie)

New designs speak to the emotions, with a touch of magic and uniqueness.

Tokujin Yoshioka /
Elected “Designer of the year 2012” by the show, the designer exposed works made from natural crystals. A rose placed in a liquid solution is progressively covered, by a chemical reaction, with a thick layer of crystals. Yoshioka sees himself as a designer of emotions rather than a maker of objects.

Blanc Bijou de Nikko Fron /
An incredible material, made from fluorite, a rare natural mineral, remarkable for its extreme whiteness that resists exposure to sun, chemicals or heat.

Bosa /
A disk-shaped ceramic loudspeaker with background lighting. A design by Salvatore Indriolo produced by Bosa in collaboration with Sensai brand.

1.  Tokujin Yoshioka  2.  Blanc Bijou de Nikko Fron   3.  Bosa


A playful mood in which design looks to create surprise, by pushing techniques and materials beyond their limits, in deco and furniture.

New ornamentation techniques

Trompe-l’oeil photoprints on soft touch polyester velvet cushions: XXL knit for “Twirre” and grandmother crochet for “Granny”.

Labt /

“TTable” by Jan & Randoald, a surprising plywood table with a “tablecloth” digital print. This company specializes in experimental furniture, made in collaboration with designers.

1.  Snurk  2.  Labt

“Orient Express” is a poetic wall covering, the velvet cherry tree branch motif is made with multidirectional long pile flocking. 

Innovative flexibility

Cinna /
“Nenuphar”, a coffee table combining a thick layer of leather over an airy metal frame. “Bidum” by Laeticia Florin, a supple storage and decoration unit, made with steel springs in which each blade is covered with a cotton ribbon: the surprising aspect is the object’s movement and flexibility.


Woodum /
A new textile made with wood that combines two traditional techniques: wood cutting and kimono weaving. The sheets of wood are cut in fine slivers and used as the warp for the weaving process. The wood textile, developed in collaboration with the designer Takumi Shimamura, can be used for stools, couches, cushions and bags.

Standard made to measure

Alki /
“Laia” (design Jean-Louis Iratzoki), reception furniture made in natural beech wood and colored felted wool, manufactured by a dynamic company in the French Basque region. The system is based on a set of beams to which seating, boxes and shelves can be attached, available in 3 different lengths (3,4 and 5 seats) and many possible combinations.

Lissoy /
Chic and practical linen bedding “Easy Clip”. Based on fabric panels that are assembled with snap buttons, to make one’s own sheets in an array of plain and striped fabrics. The clever concept helps simplify bed making as well as wash & care (each panel is washed and ironed separately). 

Atelier d’Exercices /
The “Etal à crayons” (crayon stand) stores and organizes, on a horizontal plane, all writing and drawing instruments. Attached to a vertical wall, it is also a very practical tidy. The result of research with designers, graphic artists, authors, fashion designers and architects, the “exercises” are applied to different materials and functions, for everyday and exceptional items, for playing and discovering.

1.  Lissoy  2.  Atelier d'Exercices

Our personal favorite

HAY  /
This company, whose philosophy is based on simple and whimsical, clever and practical innovation, presented an expanded product range, with accessories for the office, bathroom, storage and kitchen, mixing metal, cardboard and wood, in authentic shapes and contemporary design vein. A functional and design collection, offering added value in terms of colors, materials and decors, and always in perfect proportions.



Patterns are simpler and less “period grandeur”, in a retro spirit or more “casual” mood for modern interiors.


Jannelli & Volpi /
Paola Navone has rerouted the plastic (low end) Tati bag motif on wallpaper. 

Designers Guild /
The key fabrics of the collection are large “kitchen towel” checks made in soft and rustic washed linen in blue, gray, or green versions. The checks are mixed with luxury textures such as velvet jacquard or embroidered silk satin.

1.  Jannelli & Volpi  2.  Designers Guild

Folk flowers

Idarica Gazzoni/
The textile designer, a Milan-based decorator and painter, has drawn her inspiration from Italian frescoes and trips to Asia, to create oversized trompe-l’oeil embroidery on linen, in bright colors and in soft washed.

Designers Guild /
The “Havana” collection is an assortment of floral motifs, at times stamp printed, inspired by Mexican folklore, and in an array of vibrant harmonies.

50’s spirit

Letti & Co /
“Bergère” one of ten textile beds designed for the collection by Paola Navone. 
Presented here with wallpaper by Jannelli & Volpi /

A manufacturer of wallpaper and upholstery fabric, as well as retro lampshades and deco cushions. The fabrics are hand-printed, using only water-based pigments. The wallpaper is certified PEFC (the raw material is extracted from sustainable forests) and the printing ink is organic and non-toxic.

A beautiful collection of bed linens printed on ramie (a plant of the nettle family) in a Fifties geometric vein. The range was presented with matching wallpaper, unfortunately only as an ephemeral presentation.

1.  Letti & Co  2.  MissPrint   3.  Society