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Summer 12, Milan - February 7-15, 2011

A wonderful, relaxed atmosphere at Moda In, despite the rain…

To note, a surprising exhibit of vintage 50’s and 60’s Ferrari and Lancia sport cars, smart and ultra-chic!

And an interesting exhibit on soldering for manufacturing (seamless)
"Bond-in diversity"showed in an area with a suspended sail printed with wood planks evoking Noah’s Ark (the idea : "…High tech can be a creative solution to save other species on the same planet …)."Thermo-welding" can be used as decoration or to construct and assemble clothes in technical fabrics, examples were shown on functional or sportswear vintage garments and contemporary creations (lingerie, accessories, trench coats, dresses, etc).

The forum

4 moods :

  • Purity

-    Evanescence and naturalness
-    Enhance
-    Rediscovered essential

A white, romantic, delicate, natural mood shown around a veiled, delicate banquet table

Whites, ecrus, light, metallic neutrals
Glittery tulles with transparent micro sequins, "lacy" laser cuts, old-style dobbies, satins fluid like skin, silvery reflections on tulle, blond gold dust on chiffons, pearlized prints on voiles …

Natural state
Ecrus, nude colors, light, rustic, chic naturals
Light wool canvases and gauzes, bleached linen canvases and gauzes, string-colored guipure laces, linens with silver or patinated gold powders …

  • Carnality

-    Intense emotions
-    Emphasis
-    An innate sensuality

A somber, glamorous, refined mood.

Dark passion
Black, red, gold
Black laces and gold metallics, coppery guipure laces, fluid satins, duchesse satins and red chiffons, appliqued mirror mosaics, tiny gold balls on satin ground …

High seduction
Blond gold, pale gold
Fine, delicate embroideries on flesh-colored fragile silkies, mini sequins on tulle, coppery nettings, ultra-light, gilded panne velvets

Wild instinct
Browns, beiges, ecrus, natural greens, greenish blues, ochre oranges
Ethnic, graphic, contrasted geometrics, informal motifs, spots, foliage prints, reworked panther prints, natural or recolored snakeskins, lacquered scales …

  • Utility

-    Praticality and concreteness
-    Favor
-    A better daily life

A country, floral mood shown on light wood tables, cottons and linens with worn, low-key finishes.

At your service
Blue denim, indigo, beiges
Shirt and pant weight chambrays, lighter, rough denims, bleached blue denims, linen and cotton/linen denims, denim knits, shirt-weight, blue "handkerchief" shadow plaid, 60’s checks, "mattress canvas" in blue and faded whites, random dyeing, coatings worn out after sewing, indigo linen gauzes …

Farmer wisdom
Soft multicolors, pinks, peaches, tender greens, turquoise blues
Tiny scattered field flowers, flowers and checks in graded greens, “peasant” tie motifs, floral-embroidered ribbons …

  • Vanity

-    Aesthetic research
-    Expresses
-    A normal desire to show-off

A summertime, beachwear mood with colorful, rich motifs and visual effects
Colors : bright oranges, turquoises, lemon yellows : solid and multicolored …
Silkies and fluid knits, lacquered silkies, sport nettings, printed chiffons, giant photo-print flowers, spotty florals, pixelized geometrics, dots and transparent sequins, all sizes of stripes.

Our favorites

- The ultra-light, opalescent or pearlized and intangible technical voiles at FRIZZA
- The siliconed, transparent snake "molting" at F. ALBARELLO
- The red, lacquered snakeskin at AT+T Advanced Transfer
- The new random, industrial dyes on technical fabrics at SCHOELLER
- The fake skins, colorful plastics and PA "paraffin" voiles at LEATHERTEX
- The vintage 50’s, geometric and figurative prints at TCS
- The multicolored, overprinted, tie-dye style shirting checks at TAIANA
- The intelligent, breathable, anti-bacterial sport knits at ESCHLER
- The silver-powdered silk tulles at PIZVAL
- The mat, lacquered silkies at CORONET
- The leather-look, brown coatings on red drill at PAOLO GILLI
- The shredded, laser-cut latex at CAMAC ARTIGRAPHIGHE