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Milan, September 13- 15, 2011

Milan experienced summer weather and the fair overflowed with visitors !
Color and fabric moods seen in the forum and on exhibitor stands :


A strong,vapory atmosphere developed on one hand in powdery pinks, nudes, ecrus, light neutrals and softer yellows or golden blonds and, on the other hand, cooler, shadowy gray and blue tones.

Extreme softness and lightness
Mohair knits and wovens, puffy weaves, airy crepes,tender furs, openworked knits and woolen laces, «duvet» feathers assembled in allovers or as edgingin a romantic mood, pleated tulles and satin stitchings,chiffons and wool gauzes.

Glossiness and preciousness
Floral prints are blurry (warp prints), chiffons are shot, organzas are sprinkled with gold powders lots of taffeta ruffles and 3-D petal embroideries.
newer : shine is obtained by using « cellophane » yarns or washed silks for jeans.

Carded knits and wovens with a natural feel are blurry in gray, beige or rust monochromes or more contrasted in a black/white couture version. 

Spotty motifs
In blurry, random prints and jacquards, dark or bright monochromes or multicolored like paintings.


  • NEAT

A casual, unisex, clean spirit
An atmosphere of petrol blues associated with browns
A warm brown and yellow mood
A strong mood revolving around reds, clarets, plums, rusts and oranges.

Felted, smooth moleskins and babywale corduroys, double-weight, solid or checkerboard coatings, double-face cottons, stretch « milano »knits and foamback jerseys.

Emphasized textures
Giant herringbone or exaggeratedly-structured woolens, quilted and padded silkies, woolens, knits, technical fabrics and fake leathers.
pleated, gathered, puffy silkies, laser cuts and « pop-up » appliqués.

Leather effect coatings
Oiled, waxed looks on heavy cotton twills and « compressed » woolens, smooth technical fabrics with a «suede» look.

Lacquered looks
Dark brown lacquered lizard, glossy, lipstick red windbreaker fabrics, mock-solid red effects on synthetic sport fabrics and fluid, silky knits.

Geometric patterns
Small or big, mini or maxi checks and dots are printed, woven, single, layered or patched on all grounds, even guipure laces.



On one hand are dark colors : black, dark grays, steel, silver, night blue, … on the other are old gold, bronze and sumptuous reds.

Metallics and lamés
Metal tones and patinated, coppery, acidic metallic effects in coating, lurex yarns, prints and overprints, a focus on gold and silver for panne velvets, lurex knits, lamé silkies, printed lace, jacquard silkies with graded effects, mat and shiny sequins in geometric shapes, metallic, glossy, lacquered, tarred blacks.

Oriental motifs
Giant paisley motifs printed on satins as allovers, on grounds with a scarf mood or as tie-motif dobbies.

Painted « couture » florals, warp-printed blurries, watercolor effects on silky satins or panne velvets in a vintage mood. In muffled harmonies or very multicolored and bright.



Natural inspirations from intense cold climates, mountains and rocks in a neutral range of browns, grays, greiges, masculine blues and blacks, rusts and wilder fauve tones.

Blurries and marbleized prints
Stippled spots, blurred woolens with a weft effect, marbled grays on silk gauzes, lacquered spots on chunky Irish knits, slubbed, heathered knits …

A masculine, sportswear mood
Felted woolens, reefer coatings, giant, muffled checkboard plaids on coat weights, dark, waxed indigo denims, bonded blanket plaids.

Focus on grays
Faded, slightly grated denims, heathered knits and shadow plaids.

Hairies and furs
Hairy, brushed woolens, woven shearlings, teddy and lamb fake furs in a plush mood in neutral and light colors or wilder furs like wolf or fox in warmer colors.



Softness and lightness
Smooth looks and velvets
Compact weaves and 3-D textures
Blurry and tweeded woolens
Lots of metallic effects
Yarn-dyed jacquards in wool or silkies
Spotty and blurry prints
Giant prints in a scarf mood
Geometric motifs



The CELC/MASTERS OF LINEN stand with a beautiful decor of linen garments designed by Gilles ROSIER that were structured, sculpted and cut in half with the unused fabric draped at the bottom.

To note :

An area dedicated to vintage fashion with stands where one could buy couture dress and accessories from all eras.
Sumptuous !