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The 4 moods in the forum showed fabric trends for Summer 14

Bright pinks, oranges, anise, cobalt blue, ultramarine and turquoise contrast with gray, black and white.

Key points :
An exotic mood with flowers, dots, stripes and checks
Wicker weaves
Graphic shirtings, naive prints
Tiny, lined-up, two-tone flowers
A sport mood in grayed, heathered knits and Pop prints

Salmon pinks, white, sky blue, lemon and nude contrast with plum, beige and navy blue.

Key points :
a pale mood on light silkies, voiles and laces
fluid, silky, “liquid” knits
platinum metallics
glossy, watery effects
light technical fabrics
slippery, delicate silkies in nude tones
natural linens in silver metallics, airy, refined rustics
blurry prints and shadowy effects

Intense and pigmented brights : emerald green, fuchsia, red, ochre yellow, ink blue, navy blue, reddish brown.

Key points
Lots of shimmery effects in black or midnight blue, sequinned and pearlized
multicolored micro sequins
sumptuous ornamental trims, beaded, embroidered, woven bib fronts
trompe l’œil prints, “gel” droplets on figurative photoprints
macro guipure lace in black and dark browns
geometric, graphic prints, contrast two and three-tone prints

Ecru, golden yellow, beige, mustard green, faded pink, earth brown + light green, grass, mauve. A focus on coral pink, golden yellow, lavendar.

Key points :
a profusion of printed, embroidered garden flowers in relief
abstract laces or synthetic straw laces
brightly colored linens
ethnic looks, as we see each summer, but now more dynamic and geometric
slubbed tarpaulins, rug prints, silky and multicolored zig-zag prints
hypnotic print effects

Our favorites

- the linen stand with clothes by Gilles Rozier
- light techniques by Frizza, in pink tones or lacquered, micro geometric prints
-“irradiated”  lense effects at AT+T
-“cork shell” at Schoeller
- new quick-dry knits at Eschler
- beautiful cottons at Dragoni : creped, silvery, pearlized
- random dye effects at Coronet