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Milan, September 11,12,13, 2012

4 strong, rich, sumptuous moods in the trend forum


Carefree nonchalance and energetic accents.
Natural, intense, warm color ranges : Earthy browns, coppery browns, rusts, pine green and touches of sport brights : yellow, cobalt, red.

A focus on :
Rich patterns with upholstery fabric inspiration :
- Folklore and tapestry motifs,
- Rustic and luxurious woolens ; textured, blurry tweeds, giant 3-D textures in ecru wool, Aran knits coated like leather
- Russian florals, painted and embroidered on dark grounds
- Leather looks, varnished animal skins, colorful fake furs in greens and bright blues.
- Cotton velvets
- Lumberjack plaids and blanket stripes


Extravagance, eccentricity and precious accents.
A range of bright colors : orange, reds, pinks, violet, turquoise, bright green and touches of gold, black and white

A focus on :
- Classics in an aristocratic, oriental mood, sumptuous silkies, fluid satins, duchesse satins and panne velvets worked in black, navy blue, ruby pinks and emerald greens
- Velvets in general, devoré panne velvets and printed velvets with FORTUNY type motifs
- A focus on worked, baroque patterns in dull gold on black satin, silver lamé or midnight blue taffeta
- Tarnished jacquards and laces, burnished metallic effects
- A focus on menswear motifs in English dandy outfits, tie motifs printed on silkies, taffetas and satins, dobbies and newer, prints on woolens.


Charm, fascination and a reserved attitude.
A range of cool, pale and dark colors, light grays, taupe grays, petrol blue, khaki, black, touches of plum, metal and navy blue.

A focus on :
- Technical fabrics in a futurist, precious mood,
- Glossy coatings, micro, dull, mat, metallic sequins on all grounds,
- Shimmery effects on woolens and knits, tulles and metallic jerseys
- A new version of snakeskin, embossed motifs on technical satins or lacquered on velvet …
- Fluidity : silk crepe, satins, satiny jerseys, drippy, pure knits
- Laces and guipures worked in blacks in a “couture vintage” mood


A classic mood seen through rose-colored glasses.
A soft color range : ecru, nude pinks, gray-green, mauve, ochre and soft gold, touches of dark red, caramel and dark green.

A focus on :
- Precious ecrus, satins and lamés in sugary pinks, glossy panne velvets, laces with blond gold reflections,
- Floral motifs inspired by classic paintings in photo-prints and watercolored floral versions
- A « graceful activism » in a comfy or colorful softness : cotton velvets, wool jerseys, fleeces and polar fleeces, cashmere knits, shearlings … in pink or mauve monochromes
- Puffy, comfy bouclette woolens in pastels.
- Wool laces and vapory feathers


- All the knits in cotton/alpaca or cotton/cashmere blends … particularly the new-generation « sweatshirt » knits, much softer and more feminine in silk and Lyocell blends, for example.
- Woolens and mohair knits, hairy and comfy
- Compact fabrics, interlocks, spacers, knits and double weaves, more tender and suppler, almost voluptuous, also the stiffer felted and flannelized compacts.
- Silkies in a haute couture mood, structured and compact, thick taffeta, ottomans, duchesse satins …
- Structured, textured effects on « natural » woolens with a new, ultra-refined, « rustic » look
- Cotton velvets and partially-mat panne velvets
- Astrakhan-look fake furs
- Developments of ecological and « eco-responsable » fabrics linked to sustainable development : fabrics with a base of recycled polyester (NEW LIFE) or regenerated wool (CARDATO REGENERATO label) and technical, high-performance fabrics derived from natural materials (ex : Schoeller’s CORKSHELL).