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Milan, February 6, 7, 8, 2013

Summary of MILANO UNICA trade fair, Summer 14

This season, the fair was placed under the sign of audacity : “BE BOLD” !!!
An abundance of new developments in the forum, typical of the Italian collections.
Less visitors the first day, but apparently the overall activity was denser.


It was broken down in two areas that rivaled with novelty items : LUXURY-GLAM and ENERGY-FUN, each developed in key points.

Precious, unmistakable, amazing, spectacular, handcrafted documents.

To retain :
- a focus oncouture silkies : taffetas, organzas,satins, ottomans and stiff silkies in reds, pinks, violets andprecious blues.
Turquoises and ultramarine blues are worked on silkies, sequins and metallics.
- gold is flashy or pale, baroque or fragile.
- a focus on silver worked in all effects and shades on all grounds.
- embroideries and jacquards imitating embroideries or tapestry effects plus textured floral or folklore motifs.
- in a follow-up to Summer 13, giant flowers are confirmed : impressionistic, gestural, placed, mirrored double effects, mostly for lightweight silkies.
- newer : appliqued chiffon flowers and petals add texture.
- exoticism in a couture version : printed or embroidered feathers and palm leaves.
- a focus on geometrics and trompe l’oeil 3-D effects : embossed silkies, cube-motif jacquards, articulated, geometric jacquards, “boxy” guipure laces, giant, clean piqués, laser-cut openworks …
- a natural mood :
Sophisticated embroideries, linen laces or tweeds enriched by gold nettings.
Straw basketweaves and wicker-look jacquards in ahandcrafted mood.
A shirting mood in linen and indigo : linen voiles, tubular linens, airy knits …
We loved the heavy linen canvases in saffron and the rubberized jute.

An L.A. style : combat looks, hippie gypsies, kinetic, kitsch.

To retain :
- softer oranges and milky turquoises, fresh and beachwear-oriented.
- Flashy metallics and brights : pink, blue, orange.
Mermaid sequins in ocean blues, glossy aquatics.
- tie-dyes, faded or psychedelic spots in a beachwear mood.
- a focus on plaids, bigger madras plaids and deck stripes.
- a focus on indigo : slightly bleached, lots of developments in linen. In knits and wovens, voiles, double voiles and tubular knits.
- kinetics.
Still more geometry, very graphic this time in black and white, clean stripes, gingham checks, optical knit nettings.
- suedes and leathers are braided or studded, especially for accessories.
- “army” camouflages in khaki.
- a focus on beiges and browns for snakeskins and leopard prints.
- bonded colors and materials for double-faced technical cottons.                            
- slightly faded finishings on sportswear cottons.

A welcoming area that was a must to visit : the vintage fashion space where it was tempting to actually try on couture dresses and jewelry.