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Winter 2012-2013, Munich - September 6-8, 2011

  • EXPIRE ME - Surrounded refined luxury

In the image of the Peclersparis UNIVERSAL GLAMOUR theme :
This theme addresses a women’s market for a mature, urban, ultra-sensual woman who pays homage to luxury via the fabrics she chooses.
It associates clothes with pure lines in fabrics with ultra-luxury effects for a new glamour.

Classic colors such as deep navy, petrol green and gray flannel associate with sunny, opulent colors : caramelized ochres, dead-leaf yellows and terracotta bricks softened by light beiges.

A majority of warm, enveloping fabrics : smooth velvets, gold ribbings, generous furs in dark colors, mohair wools or weighty wool crepes pair with masculine suitings, comfy flannels and thick wools.
Shiny, solid-colored silk satins, vivid, coppery sequined embroideries and opulent jacquards recall upholstery fabrics.
All associate with functional spinnaker canvases, coated cottons and light technical fabrics with a brushed steel look.

  •  ZAPPING - In timeless souvenirs

In the image of the Peclersparis SUPER-ORDINARY trend.
This theme addresses a mixed men’s and women’s market and is more novelty than the first theme.

An almost kitsch, mix’n’match look or how to shift a So-British style using colors “à la Mondrian”, Arty prints or recolored, tweed woolens with an Arts & Crafts inspiration.

Deep winter colors, rich clarets and chocolate browns are awakened by blue-ish violets and intense reds. Associated with acidic coral and signal yellow accents.

English style, recolored, mock-solid masculine suitings, clan plaids with neo-lumberjack tone-on-tone overdyed effects, maxi geometric motifs with an Arty inspiration, dots and tiny, old-fashioned naive motifs, big cut-out flowers, mini geometric prints on wool broadcloth. A variety of print scales is played all the way to maxi weaves in wool.

  • RECOVERED INSTINCT - Driven by raw force

In the image of the Peclersparis ELEVATION theme.
This theme addresses a mixed men’s and women’s market, it is the most casual of the 4 forums.

Like a follow-up to the outdoor trend, we escape to the mountains and a trapper style.

A broad range of neutrals, blacks and fake blacks go all the way to off-white, passing by blackened browns, sober khakis, moss greens and sand beiges.

We enrich basics with peachskin hands, cotton drills become two-toned thanks to coatings and are then washed, technical fabrics are printed with macro, black and white photos of knits.
Inspiration come from a rocky landscape for slubbed, heathered jerseys with mineral effects, tweeded, tufted, two-tone woolens which appear mistreated, gingham plaids in boiled wool and fake wolf fur. Protective weaves, wool velvets, double wools and thick tweeds.
We plunge into nature with photo prints of forest landscapes.

  •  YOU'RE WELCOME - Join the soft progress

In the image of the Peclersparis SENTIMENTAL SUBVERSION trend.
This theme addresses a feminine market and a younger target than the first forum “Expire Me”.

A subtle blend between the tender, cocoon interior of a young, blossoming girl and pure design inspired by nature.

The soft energy of a range going from cream to light, heather grays, beiges and string with touches of suave mauve, chambray blue, rosewood and spring green.
Contrast, drop-needle, tweeded wools, sanded wool laces and comfy surfaces, hairy windowpane plaids that seem overdyed by candy pinks contrast with thick, tubular jerseys, two-tone, double flannels and 3-D angora knits.




Key points to retain :

CLARETS, reddish browns, burnt reds and bricks.
GOLDEN YELLOWS, gold and ochre all the way to coppers.
GRAY FLANNELS, heather grays.
Chocolate BROWNS, fake browns, blacks.
PETROL GREENS, teal blue.
Bleached BEIGES, sand,  string.

In touches : signal yellows, spring green, tough blue, coral and violet.




In majority in the forum and seen at suppliers :

Colored wool crepe (claret, yellow, violet, red).
Smooth velvets, baby-cords and wide-waled corduroys in colors and neutrals (gold, navy, khaki, gray, ecru).
Suitings and woolens in blurry, almost tone-on-tone plaids in dark colors.
Woven woolens and hairy, mellow knits, mohair, alpaca, cashmere …
Fairly covering wool laces, brushed or unbrushed.
Black and white or multicolored tweeded wools.
Girdling, compact stretch polyester + cotton or polyester + wool.
Polka dots on different scales with micro or maxi dots printed on wool or jacquard.
Solid-colored silk satin in deep colors (ochres, claret, violet, petrol, navy).