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Summer 2013, Florence, January 25/27, 2012

A futuristic, rural mood : called “FUTURAL” in the forum which featured two rows of NEW HOLLAND tractors plus all-knit farmer outfits which had a colorful, precious, sophisticated rusticity …

Themes :
Rural escape, human willpower
Future farm, humans and animals, monumental simplicity
Amish, country minimalism, cleanliness
Sunday, celebration & expectations

Swatch wall :

A focus on greens, all greens : khakis, blue-greens, turquoises and yellow-greens accompanied by neutrals, beiges, bright pinks and tea roses

key points

- dry hands, cabled yarns, creped and super-twisted yarns, linen and paper-hand yarns, imitation raffias, rugged, irregular stitches
- greenish heathers, three-tone thrown yarns and blurry jaspés in soft, cool monochromes
- slubbed mock solids, tone-on-tones or scattered multicolors
- multicolored tweeded looks, blends of mat and silky yarns, contrast gauges
- hairy looks, frayed ribbon yarns, “bales of straw”, plush linens
- solid, airy, puffy textured stitches, the result of mossy, chain-stitch yarns
- focus on linen and cotton/linen, linen/silk, linen/cashmere blends
- focus on summer wools, cashmere, alpaca and ultra-light merinos, all soft and fresh
- faded or tie-dyed looks and space-dyed, graded looks in blurry, softened colors
- silky shine and satiny looks
- clean, round, mat, stretch mid-gauge yarns
- metallic, shadowy glossies blended with the softness of wool

we liked :

- hairy, chain-stitch yarns resembling grass at HASEGAWA
- 100% recycled (cotton and polyester) yarns and Deocell anti-odor yarn at MONTICOLOR
- “rubbery” yarns at BE MI VA, HASEGAWA, IAFIL, LINEAPIU
- fine gauge linen at PINORI
- linen/cashmere at ZEGNA BARUFFA that was both fresh and warm
- “modern” linen/polyamides at IGEA and “tech” linens at LINEAPIU
- colored linens at MILLEFILI
- wool/silk/cashmere blends and cotton crepes at OLIMPIAS
- multicolored and shimmery metallics at ECAFILL and LINEAPIU

remarkable !

the areas organized by MILLEFILI had a perfume bar, cocktail bar, sandwich bar and giant candy machine … all set up like games!