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A new organization of the forums at the PREMIER VISIONtrade fair for Winter 14/15:

The CENTRAL forum was located in the center of Hall 6.

The other forums were more targeted by market and focus:

TOP & SHIRT: fabrics for shirts, dresses, T-shirts, underwear : wovens, yarn-dyes, prints, laces, knits…

OUTER & OVER: fabrics for outer pieces - jackets, coats, pants, suits : cottons, wools and synthetics.

EVENING FOCUS: fabrics for dressy garments, evening wear and weddings : silkies, woolens, suitings and exceptional decorations.

TECH FOCUS: technical fabrics for sports, outdoors, activewear, workwear : high-performance knits and wovens.

KNITWEAR FOCUS: dedicated to cut-and-sew knits.

STYLE FOCUS: fabrics chosen by their style positioning for women, men and casualwear.

WASH & DYE: fabrics from denim and cotton producers.


In general, a strong sportswear influence in most of the collections : knits, silkies, cottons and woolens:

· Spacers
A tidal wave of this type of fabric from active sports is developed at many manufacturers: suppler, smooth, transparent fabrics, honeycombs, prints, coated fabrics … for RTW fashion. (SCHOELLER, FUKUI TATEAMI, LUXURY JERSEY, JACKYTEX, CORONET, MILTREND… )

· In this same mood of supple compacts and soft carapaces, double weaves, bondedsdouble faces, needled fabrics.
More in detail : double-faced bondeds are worked in surprising material mixes or contrast colors : tech/suiting, woolen/sport jersey, wool/silky…
One of the PV awards was given to a bonded fabric from KOMATSU SEIREN.
Still lots of double jerseys, double woolens, fairly rigid compacts, a continuation of last winter.

· To modernize basics, mat and rubbery coatings on jerseys and woolens, either transparent or black like leather (EUROMAGLIA, EUROJERSEY, COBO... )

· Metallics and lacquers:lacquered, ultra-shiny, varnished coatings in dark colors.
Less gold, baroque metallics but lots of steel and silver metallics on technical fabrics and silkies. (PALTEX, SCHOELLER, KORA SILKROAD… )

· Textures: lots of quilteds or jacquards to imitate quilted knits or woolens.

· Weighty fluidity: silky interlocks, crepe satins, Japanese crepes, suitings…

· Super comfy woolens in brushed, hairy, puffy mohairs in classic colors and or punchier acidic brights (BINICOCCHI, LANIFICIO LUIGI RICCERI, LAURENT GARIGUE… )

· Real gray flannel and all its imitations on jerseys, fleeces, brushed cottons : ultra-soft or felted, compact, stiff, sometimes printed and laminated.

· Plaid woolens

· In general, casual cottons are heavier and softer.

· Still lots of interlocks that imitate wovens in woolens or stretch for the menswear market but also seen at denim suppliers for women.

· Print focus:
Japanese flowers, flowers with gridded backgrounds and patinated effects, romantic winter bouquets
Enriched ethnic motifs and overdyed, tie-dye effects
Surreal collages and trompe l'oeil effects
Hybrid camouflages, new animal skins
Vibrant optical motifs
Urban geometrics inspired by architecture.
To note: lots of inkjet prints (camouflage, foliage or geometric street motifs) on synthetic taffetas for down jackets.


· In the aisles, lots of tousled, multicolored, slightly trashy hairstyles, very "refreshing" amongst the usually dark-clothed visitors.
· The original textile research from SATU MAARANEN, a prize-winning designer at Hyères fashion festival, on her stand in Hall 6.
· Appliqued motifs in SWAROVSKI rhinestones, heat-glued on knits.
· 3-D handknits for entire garments, conceived with software by SHIMA SEIKI.
· Ostrich-leg skins, assembled without seams by soldering, sold by the meter at NOEVA KAERU.