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Maison & Objet Editors / Paris Deco Off

January 2014

In parallel to the Maison & Objets Editors trade fair that took place in Hall 7 at Villepinte, Parc des Expositions, the Paris Deco Off circuit was held in Paris near the place des Victoires and in the Saint Germain neighborhood. The major upholstery fabric and wallpaper editors presented their new collections in their showrooms or in ephemeral spaces such as, this year, the Hotel de l’Industrie on the Place Saint Germain.

Here, a selection of the most interesting collections:

Maison & Objets Editeurs

Liberty’s – Art Fabrics
For its 1st presence at the fair, this London editor showed new collections inspired by English 19th century landscape artist William Nesfield : minutely drawn, easy to combine motifs printed on linen, cotton or velvet.

Nicolette Mayer
The collection of this American designer is spectacular with rich prints that play up the codes of luxury upholstery fabrics. A successful mix & match of historical and artistic references for patterns developed in digital prints on linen, velvet and voile. The collection is expanded since each motif is developed in different colors for a fresh, modern mood.

1. Liberty's 2. Nicolette Mayer

Timorous Beasties
These English designers who have edited their textiles and wallpaper since 1990, exhibited at the fair for the 1st time. As specialists in baroque animal motifs, they use handcrafted silkscreening or digital printing. The new collection’s theme features the bumblebee, the studio’s symbol and logo.

Timorous Beasties

Tenue de ville
Alexia de Ville de Goyet, a young Brussels textile and wallpaper designer, showed her work on the « 100% Belgian Design » stand in Hall 8. She translates her travel inspirations (photographs, drawings) into fresh, graphic motifs. All are digitally printed in Europe and made to order.

Tenue de ville

Paris Déco Off
Seen in the showrooms

Saint Germain neighborhood

Elitis, participating in Paris Deco Off for the 1st time, presented a new collection of finished products in the Hotel de l’Industrie : quilts, blankets, cushions … We recognized their upholstery fabric mood here in suppler touches : silks, linens, printed, washed velvets, raffia embroideries or thick cotton yarns on linen cushions or tone-on-tone effects, old gold lamé pipings or tiny black and gold tassels on cushions and quilts.
To note : a casual presentation with a seat made from rough wood that contrasted with the luxurious, Bohemian chic of the textiles..


The rich, inventive collection of textiles and wall coverings seen at Heimtex, was also shown as were upholstered chairs in diverse textiles. We also saw an emphasis on modest, natural materials or innovative products with a more technical, decorative look.

The « Eclat » and « Robinson » collections in abaca, leaves, bark, raffia or cork for woven or glued-on wall coverings. An extraordinary variety of surfaces, rhythms and textures all the way to mat-shiny contrasts, white-washed effects, colored wood stains, metallic ribbon threads or inset mother-of-pearl foil.
The « L’Original » collection with 3 new 3-D embossed wall decorations like contemporary bas-reliefs that resemble XXL tiles.
The « Volupté » collection, the same ground but lighter and topstitched for new, finely quilted upholstery fabrics : 3 dense, multi-use patterns ranging from contemporary to classic.
For wallpaper, an Oriental inspiration from A Thousand and One Nights to Topkapi, developed with humor in distorted motifs or nods to the 70’s with « On attend Shéhérazade » (Waiting for Sheherazade) and « Les doudous peace & love » (Peace & Love ‘blankies’).

De Gournay
Wallpaper, fabric, porcelain, furniture and custom-made, hand-painted wood panels. Silk, gold, lacquer, rice paper and rare woods for exotic, luxurious, dreamy moods!

De Gournay

Jakob Schlaepfer
Creative collections focusing on innovations in the same mood as in their fabric collections for Haute Couture and fashion designers.

Calypso – maxi scales on black or light tulle (colored, metallic or phosphorescent)
Gesso – cracked, cut-out plastic sewn on tulle (a « cracked camouflage » effect)
Bricklane – netting woven with metallic ribbons (copper, black or transparent)
Goudenov – netting with cabochons in a « precious stone » mood
A digital print on lamé jacquard with layered floral motifs

Jakob Shlaepfer

Nya Nordiska
Experimental design in a 3-part collection (Pure Perfection, Luxury Life, Creative Concept) alternating sobriety and spectacular effects.

TakaOna – voile with floating metal squares
Batuni – voile with a paper hand in non-woven Trevira, airy, printed with a three-dimensional effect
Bahama – a fluid, shiny « sport » piqué in Trevira CS, intense colors
Cinema –metallic transfer coating on heavy woven wool
Lima – vapory, puffy, transparent voiles in 100% wool
Emilia – geometric guipure lace with lamé threadsé

Nya Nordiska

The Venezia collection : between past and future, between Venice and Japan, the rich materials and opulent textures of an updated heritage in a quest for an ultimate, modern luxury. The catalogue and collection concept by Lidewij Edelkoort

Sumi – a worn-out motif with mysterious traces of landscapes
Venier, Kusari – metallic jacquards with mat/shiny contrasts
Lampas, damask and chenille velvet
Le Isole, Vague –Japanese-inspired motifs
Candalu, Madame du Barry – a grid background like the milimetered cartons used for tapestriesé


Textiles in natural fibers with a rustic, contemporary mood
Water hyacinths, abaca, ramie, hemp, bamboo, vetiver, pineapple, palm leaves, …
Fibers worked in Asia and, more recently, in Africa

The « Le Corbusier Collection » of innovative wall coverings based on the famous Swiss architect’s Polychromie Architecturale. Combining non-wovens and textured weaves, 5 patterns, completed by 30 solid colors, are inspired by the surfaces and rhythms of the architect’s buildings : lines from the Philips Pavilion, a window of the Unity d’Habitation in Marseille, sun shades in Chandigarh, concrete, mini perforations.

A more classic, sober collection.
Shimmer – jacquard with a worn, glossy effect in cotton-rayon for furniture, curtains  … very beautiful in black or light tones



Rue du Mail

Creation Metaphores (the Metaphores, Le Crin and Verel de Belval collections) places its new ranges this season under the sign of games and novelties.
The 3 lines revolve around mock solid and tie-dye effects :
Lagune – random handcrafted dyes on velvet define graded stripes made by shifting the fabric manually during the ink-jet process.
A la nuit tombée – double-face satin, one side seems to have a printed reflection
Mousson – a frame-printed motif on Trevira with a folded, tie-dyed effect


For the 1st time, Le Crin showed motifs printed on its textiles (Echec et mat) as well as a transparent linen/horsehair in colored neutrals

A new line of fire-proof fabrics inspired by home collections..

Though still very contemporary, the collection shown in the Swiss editor’s new space on the rue du Mail had few new items.

Lumiere - transparent curtains with a thread connected to LEDS in the weave (the fabric is delivered ready-to-use, just plug it into the wall)
Etta – tulle with metal/mirrored polyester scales recalling the clothes of Paco Rabanne
Dolores – reversible, 100% linen : natural/color
A range of linen cushions with topstitched, geometric flowers

Decorative richness and digital prints : pixelized flowers, kilims screened on taffeta, ethnic geometry, textured, two-tone velvet, a maxi cross-stitched bouquet of roses …
The presentation continued at the back of the courtyard in a « ceremonial » room from « another century » …


Black Edition
Desire, an impressionist collection by English painter Jessica Zoob developed in wallpapers, textiles and cushions, a spotty mood between floral motifs and plays on light.

Black Edition

This year, the fabric editor celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Sonia Rykiel Collection : spotty motifs and textural stripes, piqués that imitate knits and geometric rhythms play in mis-matched textiles,


Jean-Paul Gaultier Collection : jacquards (landscapes, automobile dumps, narrative scenes in medallions, lace, …) in rich, realistic patterns ; an overdyed mood or black & white (also multicolored versions), painted ethnic dots
Lelievre Collection : « Entre les lignes », games of undulations, a motif of embroidered lines, grainy mat/shiny textures, a Japanese floral motif in a textured monochrome, …


Pierre Frey
A Voyage mood for the « Aloha »  collection : imitation embroidered stripes in diamond patterns, fish & ethnic Indian coral, animal masks …

Pierre Frey

A new collection for the world of children : Confetti. Fresh, playful patterns on light cotton or linen grounds : naive, childish sketches of people, an alphabet of folded paper birds, sketches of Don Quixote on Toile de Jouy, allover toy cars, animated labyrinths, « Indian » wildlife in neutral colors embroidered with bright touches.

A rich circuit with textural and patinated effects (from prints to jacquards), often metallic or silky, where the patterns revolve mostly around abstracts, discreet geometrics, floral motifs and exotic animal prints.