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SUMMER 2012, Lille - January 19-20, 2011

A trade fair under the sign of color and cheerfulness !
Fresh, bright colors in 3 distinct stories were shown in the forum realized by the TISSU PREMIER fashion team.

  • TAN VIBRATION, pinks, reds, beiges, browns
  • SUB-AQUATIC ENERGY, blues, lights and darks, greens,
  • HUMAN FANTASY, bright pink, orange, yellow, violet, bright blue and white
  • A mood evoking vacations, summertime, fresh, acidic, fruity :
    - grenadine pinks, coral and oranges, mango, apricot … 
    - lemon yellows, lime and sunny yellow gold
    - reds are softer and flowery, less basic
    - turquoises : lagoon, swimming pool, soft and intense plus menthol greens

This season these bright colors are worked on glamorous silkies as well as satins, lamé beachwear knits or newer, natural materials like linen, hemp, ramie.

  • An exotic, intense, profound mood :
    Greenish blues, peacock blues, teal blues, petrol blues worked on bleached denims, shirt-weight cotton sateens and mat silkies. (TROFICOLOR, FPP, TINTEX…) Focus on indigos from the greenest to the most violet. (PRONTISS, GULIPEK, JB TEXTILE…)
    Focus on greens, khaki greens, moss greens on all grounds like fine cottons or linens, newest on chiffons, fluid silkies, shimmery, glamorous knits. (IPEKER, BELMAILLE, ACAR, LA CANTATE DU CHANVRE…) Browns continue, warmer in chocolate and ebony tones or lighter in rustic or silky caramels. (TECMODA, LA CANTATE DU CHANVRE, IPEKER…)
  • Rural mood
    Half-tones take on color, they are less sad than in past seasons, lavendar blues, porcelains and celadon blues on cotton/linen canvases in all weights and on rustic canvases in linen or hemp.
    Vegetable pigment dyes, straw yellow and washed-out ochres are graded on cottons and faded linens (JB TEXTILE, TISS ET TEINT, EMMEGI, FPP, CATLAND…)
  •  A pure mood
    The spotlight on pure, elegant white followed closely by creamy whites, softened beiges and greiges on cotton and cotton/polyamide gabardines, smooth, fresh, thin, stretch cotton sateens, cotton/linen satins, essential solid bases for the season. (MS TEXTILES, JB TEXTILES, EMMEGI, MEGAWARE, MCN MODE, B+D TEXTILES, GULIPEK…)
  • Desert mood
    Neutral and clear colors : sand, whites or yellow tones, ochres on linens (pure or in blends), fabrics are rustic, dehydrated, eroded, coated, faded, bleached by finishings, suppler or openworked, linked by crochets. (FPP COTONNADES, GULIPEK, LA CANTATE DU CHANVRE, JB TEXTILES, TROFICOLOR, ORGUZ…)
  • Romantic mood
    Virginal white on cotton voiles, laces, satin-stitched netting and fine guipure laces with an old lingerie inspiration. (PRONTISS, TISS ET TEINT, MCN MODE, SILVER…)
    Nudes continue, more colorful than in past seasons, like 50’s foundation colors on cupro silkies or rayons. (GULIPEK, HMK TEXTILE, IPEKER…)
  •  Country florals
    Scattered, vibrant little flowers are impressionist, multicolored, spotted, allover or placed as grounds, painted and "shabby", as freehand retro 40’s flowers, soft and erased or realistic and generous flowers in a giant bouquet like a placed motif … a cascade of flowers on cotton voiles, cotton/silks and romantic chiffons. (COLOR TEXTIL, TROUILLET, SPRINTEX, GALLUS, SILVER, NOTEBOOM, TECMODA…
  • Exotic fauna and flora
    Flowers and island birds, palm leaves and bamboo, butterflies, novelty snakeskins, panoramic landscapes of faraway jungles … realistic, multicolored, luxurious, paradisiacal prints. (KBC, LA SEDERA, SPRINTEX...)
  • Stylized ethnics
    African, Australian or Mexican geometrics, ethnic motifs are freely reinterpreted, bright and multicolored in a pop version, contrast two-tones are more chic, signal-bright and optical. (KBC, HENITEX, ERCEA…)
  • Abstractions
    Spots, projected colors, solarized effects, aquatic reflections, graded solar tempests … informal, neo-camouflage motifs worked on all grounds, ultra-feminine or sportswear. (KBC …)
  • At the seaside
    A 50’s beach scenario, Matisse style brushstrokes, super-realist "photo" flowers, sharp, summertime vintage. (LA SEDERA, COLOR TEXTIL…)
  • Naïve two-tones
    Tiny dots, small cherries, little apples, hearts or dogs, childish retro motifs … tie prints sketched humorously on classic, feminine grounds. (SETERI ARGENTI, COT2 TEXTILE, STUDIO HELENA…)