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Lille, 27 & 28 November 2012

Right in the heart of Lille 3000, in the midst of the “FANTASTIC” art festival.

For the second season the weaver’s fair was coupled with “Collections”, the manufacturers’ fair. The two shows complemented each other, with summer and winter 2013-2014 seasons overlapping. 

This season’s theme: Recycling

Conference with the participation of FILATURES DU PARC, U-CLIFE, MATERIO…the “Chaussettes Orphelines”  exhibit  (“Orphan Socks” Association), collections by Re(store)d and Clivia Nobili (made from blue work overalls), designs by Mashüt (rag-rug weaves made from recycled clothes)… 

There were recycled buttons from BTS designs, recycled polyesters from Tintex, recycled silks from Cocoons Belgorient…

Strong points and favorites

A vintage “couture” influence, focus on silky fabrics:

- satin materials, from incredibly light, fluid, slippery fabrics to heavy, duchess-style satins, in soft, light colors
- crepe and mini-embossed fluffy fabrics
- chiffon and organza, solid chiffons embroidered with flower petals
- a special favorite was the organic raw silk in ecru, or recycled into a multicolored thick weave
- silver taffeta, white cotton blends with sliver yarn, 


- softer than ever, sensual lingerie-style knits in viscose or ultra soft, ultra light lyocel, in flesh tones
- fine, lightweight slub jerseys, in polyester or linen-like viscose, in linen tones or newer, more fruity colors
- airy, rustic knits in linen  

Cottons cleaner than ever, preppy look

- white, clean textures: fine gabardines, micro piqué, mini ottoman…
- white shirting cotton
- more or less heavyweight cotton sateen 

Metallic fabrics for little jewel tops and bling pants

- silver: white cotton blends with silver yarn, knits and warps and wefts, lamé taffetas
- blond gold and flashy gold, in yarn and cotton coatings  


- a wave of army camouflage motifs, from the most authentic -on jersey- to the most sophisticated -on fluid silky fabrics, embroidered with micro sequins, combined with animal skins…
- “halo” splotches, imitation exotic fish prints, diluted, deformed multicolored splotches.
- psychedelic acid and mirror looks
- giant placed panoramic photoprints: dunescapes, English cottages, poppy fields, island paradises in acidic colors, sea beds and crustaceans…etc…
- brushstrokes reminiscent of Soulages or Hartung, with an arty, vintage feel
- generous, graphic, simplified deckchair stripes, on fluid silky fabrics
- small vibrant geometric motifs in the manner of African wax
- large pop-inspired cashmere palm-leaf motifs
- painted wild flowers, photo print, landscape format, placed or all over. 


focus on creamy whites
fruity mandarin tones
bleached turquoise
diluted lemon yellows
indigos and blue marines
yellowed or khaki organic greens
half-tone and dark earthy browns