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TISSU PREMIER fair, Winter 14/15

Lille, June 5 and 6, 2013

Always in complement to the fast fashion COLLECTION trade fair, TISSU PREMIER shows fabric collections for Summer and Winter. Most of the offer was for Winter with the first novelties for Winter 14/15.

- The color range conceived by the Tissu Premier fashion team revealed 3 moods:
CHARMS, porcelain, floral tones animated by bright, shifted touches of blue and pistachio green.
WITCHCRAFT, warm neutrals and rich rusts, natural greens and ashy grays.
PHANTASMAGORIA, fresh, acidic colors associated with nocturnal darks.

- 4 themes to illustrate the exhibitors’ fabric collections :
• A calm, serene mood in soft, neutral tones.
A focus on mellow, woolen knits in light heather grays.
A spotlight on fleeces in comfy, giant bouclettes, plush-style fake furs, jacquards with a quilted look, printed and dévoré jerseys with marbleized effects.
A nature version with new rustics, irregular slubbed effects in knits and wovens, barely-colored monochromes.
Woolen, tweeded and chic or silky and glamorous winter whites complete a story with Scandinavian overtones.

• An urban, energetic mood dominated by grays and signal brights,
Denim and optical motifs have a streetwear influence.
Prints and jacquards are geometric, yarn-dyed plaids in a blanket mood are reassuring and knits have tarred, blackened looks.

• A warm, glamorous, opulent 70’s mood in rusts, fauves and cognacs.
A focus on heavy, weighty satins, velvets and sueded hands, beautiful classic woolens, furs, florals in a Lyon silk mood on black grounds, vintage wallpaper motifs.

• A romantic, fairytale mood, a Slavic inspiration in sugary colors and mysterious darks.
Key points : lace and baroque jacquards, more tender and discrete than in past seasons,
Taffeta and precious lamés in a cute, couture mood.
Dandy velvets and dobbies.
Rug motifs and folklore embroideries.

- POINT D’ESPRIT embroideries
- The cashmere and alpaca woolens from FABRIC HOUSE
- Denims with “torn points” from DUFLOT
- Bleached velvets from LÜKS Kadife
- Flannelized bondeds from BELMAILLE
- BUGIS jerseys in recycled cotton taken from salvaged clothes (UTEXBEL yarns)
- Tubular fabrics from BUR-ER
- Fresh, smart shirting stripes and checks from PORTAKAL and BUR-ER
- Organic linen from BIO TISSU
- Silky jacquards with geometric motifs from TESSUTO ITALIANO
- Refined tweeds from PEUCELLE ET FLORIN
- Plush polar fleeces from CATLAND
- 70’s appliqués from TISS ET TEINT

- The “RECYCLING: FASHION AND TEXTILE COMPETITION” for students from Northern European fashion schools.
- The HERBE ROUGE collection of ecological clothes in organic, recycled and fair-trade fabrics…
- The instructive conference on FAST FASHION, YES, IT’S POSSIBLE by Alexandra Acoca (C-Design Fashion) and Marie-Laure Souweine (AS International).
- The unexpected design forum in the COLLECTION fair conceived by designer NACO PARIS