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PeclersParis… fashioning the future

PeclersParis helps the most innovative brands in the world to set a vision of future consumer values, attitudes, lifestyles and aesthetic preferences in order to develop the most desirable and successful products and services.

An ever-changing future difficult to decipher and anticipate

Emotional consumer needs are becoming increasingly complex to decrypt and articulate due to the transforming economic, socio-cultural and technological environments. Traditional research techniques have shown their limitations in their ability to forecast what the triggers of consumer desire will be over the next 2, 5 or 10 years. Future insights and semiotics are PeclersParis's unique expertise to address these challenges.

Accelerate creative and innovation cycles

PeclersParis brings value to its clients, not only by forecasting the long-term but also by translating trends into strategies, inspiring creative concepts and ideas, both innovative and actionable. This creative process and transformation helps accelerate innovation cycles and product development.

Ensure consistency between Brand & Style strategies

In this demanding context, brand platforms need to be put into perspective. PeclersParis helps brands reinvent themselves, reinterpret their values and their positioning while integrating a forward thinking analysis of future consumer attitudes. Moreover, PeclersParis translates brand positionings into style positionings, developing a long-term and coherent brand-product bond.

PeclersParis has a broad international presence thanks to its offices located in Paris, New York and Shanghai, and a network of business partners across the world covering 30 countries.