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2009 will have been the year of awakening. If the "Crisis" has restored the sense of our finitude and the frailty of the human condition, it has also revealed the extent of our inner resources, our resilience.

"What is to be done?" asks Daniel Cohn-Bendit, head of Europe-Ecology list for the European elections, "You must change your life," replies the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk. Since no instance is there to "give an example", the deep changes in values caused by the crisis are internalizing and individualizing. We now have to rely on ourselves, take positions and get involved on an individual level, remaining fully aware of our interdependence, with both others and our natural environment.  
The consumer becomes autonomous: his judgement gains refinement and his choices are more mature. He refocuses on other needs than those led purely by consumerism.

Being alert and able to consider everybody’s capacities for autonomy, for deconditioning, for "changing their life", and therefore on a larger scale to change life in general, is the fundamental challenge for tomorrow’s institutions, companies and brands.