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"Indignation is a first step into action." - Stéphane Hessel1

If Futur(s)10 celebrated the awakening to the necessity of changing our way of life, 2011 kick-starts the real action. A necessary evolution for us to make sense out of the multiple crises and deep mutations the world has been facing in recent years. The revolutions in the Arabic countries underline the power and influence of new information technologies, social networks in particular, on contemporary societies. Whatever their cultural tradition or their economic and political development… they are baring a lot of hope: seeing freedom, mobility, flexibility and participation out-rule tyranny, immobility, rigidity and injustice. And the lessons we can learn from them will not apply only to the Middle East.
Lastly, ecological disasters have multiplied more than ever. The urgency to rethink our lifestyles, and our relation to nature, reaches its paroxysm as the entire world witnesses, helplessly, the triple tragedy of the earth-quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that has befallen onto Japan.

Faced with this reality, it would be easy to despair and to feel sorry for the human species’ condition. But voices are rising; resistance is being organized to give the planetary system a new sense to face the crisis. They take on different but interlinked directions.
Some adopt the dynamic and free culture of social networks and a perpetually evolving web, in search of new identities; economic, artistic, technological and even cultural models… These representations seek to infiltrate the system, to make it more human by reforming it from within (TRANS-EVOLUTION).
Others, by opposition, choose to withdraw from the system to lead the way to change. Standing out through discretion and determination, organizing complexity to step out of the chaos and examine it from the outside, from above and below to offer new solutions (EXTENSION).
Finally, a third path invites to the fair measure: rediscovering the relation to our bodies in all its dimensions, reconciling Science and Nature in order to elaborate an alchemy that ensures the planet’s survival. A move towards harmony, natural communion between mankind and his environment, which celebrates the pleasure of being Alive (EUNOMIA).
The success of “Time for Outrage!” Stephane Hessel’s book (more than 1,5 million copies sold in the world) demonstrates this will to work for a new meaning of life and more human dignity in order to guaranty a future for the next generations and the planet. 

1. Stéphane Hessel, 93 years old writer, diplomat, political activist, co-author of the declaration of Human Rights, and author of the manifesto "Indignez Vous ! (Time for Outrage!)" in an interview for "Rue 89 N°7 – February 2011".