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At a time in which, more than ever before, brands must anticipate complex consumption trends, identify new markets and innovation opportunities,

PeclersParis proposes a different strategic approach. Futur(s) Creative lnnovation® allows brands to define a prospective vision of markets and translate it into innovative products and services.

A three-step methodology:
- Decipher emerging consumption, social cultural and aesthetic signs.
- Drive novelty through the analysis of the evolution of consumption values, in other words the new consumer needs and desires that define future    challenges and innovation territories.
- Innovate through new actionable creative concepts (new products, services, designs)

“… along with the disastrous or regressive potentialities, crises also awaken creative and imaginative potentialities.”, (and) “...when a system is forced to face its most vital and fundamental problems, either it disintegrates, or it finds in itself the capacity to nurture a metamorphosis.”
Edgar Morin, “The way, for the future of Mankind” , 2011

Past years ongoing crises’ impacts and consequences have swept away our references, fostering fantasies of an imminent “multi-catastrophe”. A preoccupying prophecy since in this year 2012 it echoes the end of the world announced by the Mayan calendar. A vision that gains importance with our constantly accelerating rhythms, the aggravation of societal breakdowns, and our daily lives being invaded by data. We sometimes have the impression of being swept away by the surrounding chaos.

But this feeling of having reached a point of no return can and must be seen as a Renaissance, which reminds the fascinating period that Europe experienced during the 15th and the 16th century. At that time printing, the great scientific and cultural discoveries put our vision of the world totally upside down. Nowadays Internet, scientific and technological progress, along with the birth of an ecological consciousness, pave the way for a new world wide social project. A fascinating mutation is taking place creating new imaginative and dynamic societal options, as well as desires to escape from a dying system as we will see in the three scenarios that Futur(s) explores this year. Chaos can paralyze or frighten, but can also trigger great creativity, profoundly human and rejoicing dynamics that help shed the shackles and models inherited from the past to reinvent ourselves at another scale (CHAOISM). If in the past years Internet has played an always more powerful and diverse role in our lives, it has also become an incomparable source of documentation, information and democracy. A revolution that now engenders new opportunities for mobilization, but mainly to make, act and create, and sometimes even to build another life elsewhere (ACTIVATION).Finally number of prospective researchers, like Jeremy Rifkin, announce the upcoming of a third industrial and social revolution based on a more sustainable and empathic vision of the world. An evolution that forces us to re-examin what links us all to one another and founds our history, to help us consider the future (UNIVERSALISM).

We are at the dawn of a Renaissance which, thanks to the tools of communication, creation and socializing that developed in the past 10 years, allow us to envisage the birth of new social patterns, potentially more altruistic, sustainable and desirable. A crisis, but also, as the Greek etymology of the word reminds us (krisis = decision), a period in which critical choices can outline humanity’s destiny.