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Being between reassuring familiarity and sensorial distraction…

The season opens with three warm color moods that are followed by a soft and calm urge for light neutral shades, and closes with surprising, monochromatic or discreet cold tones.

The classics become less traditional as they are updated by many new deep shades, or contrasted with unexpected combinations of fresh tones, trippy pastels and electrified accents.

The subtlety of COMPOSITION, SUNSET, WISE and VERTIGO reveals the modest magnificence of functional or natural reality. The COLLISION, EMOTION and ABSOLUTE palettes play with the vision of reality through overstatement, cheery accents, or radical shifts into the realm of dreams and vibrations.

The whites and the very dark tones are scattered across all the ranges, conveying a feeling of traversing shade and light. From natural variations of blues to digital violets, blue settles down as the new permanent tone. Freed of their classic connotation, navy blues are ready to take over after black.