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In the midst of two upbeat and warm moods (DASHING and EXQUISITE), this season’s ranges can be disconcerting. they spark our curiosity by exploring powerful combinations, verging at times on dissonance. Departing from the beaten path, familiar tones pair up with bold colors in vibrant contrasts or monochromatic blends (OPTICAL and CLASH). The coolish browns are quick to stand out, paired at first with the lingering summer shades (DASHING) and then in chiaroscuro effects all the way to dark near black (SELENE). The very light, delicately tinged neutral tones become strange and precious while the medium colors, softened by matte or lustrous aspects, are increasingly sophisticated (GRACEFUL and PEACEFUL). Khakis, whether green, bronze or verdigris, come forward as the season’s best grounds. Purples expand and develop in the wake of the blues. Black, so often used for total looks, takes on a new, more discreet role by graphically underlining the harmonies’ modern edge.