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This season is decked in subtle, medium tone heights, without strong contrasts or sharp color blocks. The colors are exceptionally elaborate, and the hand of the artist or artisan can be seen in all of the illustrations. Interior decorating is particularly inspiring (BOHEMIA, OPULENT). Preciousness and sophistication are everywhere, whether neutral (OPULENT, TENDER) or colorful (FOLK TALE). A childish spirit (FOLK TALE, TENDER) imparts lightness and softness; summer tone heights add a refreshing edge, and warm up winter fabrics (FOLK TALE, CONSTRUCTION). Grays return (THEATRICAL, OPULENT) and form, with browns (CONSTRUCTION, VINTAGE), a directional array of cold tones that are not mock blacks. Prestigious black disappears from the palette and is replaced by the liqueur shades of the Vintage range.Faded tones (BOHEMIA) are given a modern twist on functional fabrics. Natural clear tones are more assertive yet remain delicate (TENDER). Bluish red (THEATRICAL) picks up after orange-ish red. Luminous flashy blues (CONSTRUCTION) emphasize the season’s cool color mood.