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Colors are conveyed on varied, rich and ornamental materials, signaling a move away from minimalism. They unfold in generous monochromes (ABYSS, SENSUAL, RICHNESS) or in multicolors enhanced with overdyed (DENSITY) or pigmented (FUNDAMENTAL) effects.

At the two extremes of the season (ADVENTURE, SPLENDOR), summery tones infuse the winter with luminosity and freshness.

Soft pinks and corals pick up after the fresh pinks, create new skin-tone camouage, and, like neutrals, blend with everything.

The many greens and greenish shades evoke nature, its roughness and simplicity as much as its preciousness and rarity.

Violets pick up after the blues and add a strange and ambiguous atmosphere.

White replaces black to emphasize the other tones, both to draw and emphasize the contours and as a backdrop.